Achain - Most undervalued overperformer in the cryptocurrency space - The next NEO flying under the radar.

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Without a doubt Achain (ACT) has been for some time now the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the blockchain space.
Everyone that remembers last years rebranding of Antshares to NEO, knows how quickly a strategic push to market in the west can influence an entire ecosystem.

Achain has a working product since 2015 when the early development started. Since then the platform for dapps and smart contracts has matured into a true powerhouse. Over 50 dapps are currently fully functioning on Achain and over 130 smart contracts have been implemented. Only Ethereum currently has more dapps and sc running on its platform.

Why is Achain the best alternative to Ethereum and NEO?

The answer is very simple. Achain solved scalability allowing its RDPOS consensus mechanism to scale to 1000 Tp/s. A total 99 delegates are currently still in the hands of the foundation. Yet the distribution of power to the community is sheduled to happen in the fall of this year. This will make Achain the fastest, decentralized, modular, low fee and easy to use enterprise solution in the blockchain space. With over 40 full time developers improving the Achain protocol day and night and its recent move to market in the western world will bring unparalled growth. Community affairs are governed by community managers from around the globe and a large Chinese community combined with a growing western unserbase means infinite opportunites.

What is Achains unique competative advantage?

Its main competative advantage lies in its modular blockchain that allows enterprises to quickly created their own blockchain or smart contract based on their specific usecase, tailored to meet personal needs like a custom concensus mechanism or architecture. Achains role in this procedure is to facilitate the hard-fork or smart contract. The newly created enterprise solution will initially take over all of the characteristics of the mainnet yet can be individually adjusted. The VEP (Value Exchange Protocol) coming in the fall of this year, will allow for smooth interoperability between separate chains and smart contracts to facilitate information exchange and value exchange if so desired.

Achain is truely a gem in the space and cannot simply be overlooked by developers or smart money.

You can find out more about Achain via

You can purchase ACT any these major exchanges: Huobi, Kucoin, OKEX

You can follow Achain (Western Group) on Telegram:


It's been a while since a crypto peaked my interest, but you've managed to ignite the spark inside that will cause me to research this one! Sounds interesting and promising, and at $50m market cap looks rather tasty!

Glad you liked the article mate:) Indeed does look very tasty. Its unfortunate that valuations dont always reflect actual technological advancement but thats how it goes nowadays in crypto. Hope you find Achain as promising as I do.

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