Don´t Trust Any Mainstream Media Headlines In The Cryptosphere!

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago


We are all acting in a new market, a market that threatens the powerful and might be the dawn of a new era. But unfortunately that fact didn´t change the behavior of mainstream media so far, which are still pushing out catchy headlines for short term traffic on their websites regardless of their degree of truth...

Many might have noticed that e.g. those recent happenings in Korea lead to a bunch FUD after all! Once again the Mainstream Medias used their chance to write some catchy headlines, most probably contributing to a massive fear and sell off among newcomers and uninformed investors. Fortunately there are crypto news out there, which are not just keen on short term traffic regarding this emerging market and publish a more critical and true perspective!

(Source - Google News Preview from 13. January)

That all being said it´s always a wise decision to choose the media you like to follow carefully and to really read more than just the headlines before selling any of your valuable coins 😉

What´s your opinion on this?
I´d really love to hear and discuss about it!

(P.s.: In case you want to know more about the happenings in Korea you might be interested in my yesterdays Post.)

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Hello steembusiness,

i few days ago i stumbled across your account while I was looking for some Information about what has happened in Korea to btc and the other cryptos. After I could´n find an proper explanaition in the regular news. I absolutely think we need someone with the knowledge and the time to bring such important facts to the community. I don´t like the word but I will use it here, the "mainstream media" mostly do not understand what cryptos really could mean and are therefore very negative against it. From their point of view it seems logical, that when a government starts to put some regulation on it a discusses about law enforcing, that they interpret this over. I don´t blame them for this because a lot of other stuff they do very well. But in the crypto-topic they are as you mention most of the time only headlining.

From my point I can say that I start following you and hope that you will go on and provide facts about the ongoing thing around the cryptoverse!

thank you!

p.s. sry for the selfvote. but i wanted to make sure that you will read it;-)


I´m not really the guy who likes the mainstream media in general as many of them are not really writing critical reports anymore but only FUD with catchy headlines on pretty much everything. There are not too many out there anymore with proper information and research unfortunately...

Maybe some in the mainstream media are anti-crypto, but I think most are just a) skeptical, and b) uninformed. What most people outside of the industry don't understand is that the media is a game of time - you're always trying to be first with the latest information. That means that unless it's a really deep investigative story that takes months to produce, most of the work is done within a few hours, and there is a heavy reliance on readily available sources. Some of those sources might not be the best sources, but they are the loudest ones within your proximity. And so reporters are like blind men reaching around for the nearest thing that might make sense. What that means for crypto, given that most reporters are plugged into the government and law enforcement circles, is that the mainstream reporting will lean heavily in that direction. It takes time to develop quality sources, especially in a new industry. Right now, cryptocurrency media is about 70 percent ICO press releases, and 30 percent everything else. I see this on a daily basis when looking for news to post on my own site. I think that as time goes on and more reporters become familiar with the issue beyond the hype, you'll see the reporting improve. But for now, we'll just have to rely on industry-focused outlets for the best stuff.


Unfortunately you´re right and the worst is that they spin their stories around the things the public wants to read the most, which is negative news and FUD as that could affect them in a bad way. Positive headlines are okay, many don´t need to read the details as it´s anyways good for them whatever it might be after all...

I don't believe much that comes from the media or the banking industry when crypto is concerned. They are very negative and always jump to conclusions when the market moves, in particular down. I think they are just biding there time until they have there own altcoins available and then the tune will change. They will become the next best since sliced bread.


Regarding the media I don´t think they have such plans ready. They just know that people will click & read their articles whenever it´s FUD about cryptos as the topic is hot!

@steembusiness Always Think for youself, don't let the Propaganda influence your Life.........

a very nice post. Thank you. I wish you continued success

fud, fud, and more fud. stay safe

Media are always trying to find headlines that attract eyes, no matter what the topic is. However I would like to read unbiased articles about cryptocurrency news.

I think you have a point. Mainstream media sometimes can be deceiving :)

mainstream media is using this clickbaiting to drive more traffic..or me, as a cryptocurency holder, steemit has been the best information platform so far ..there are some experts here who really know their job and the amazing thing is that we can be the part of the discussion too and give our opinion or maybe ask questions.

AND i thin i have found one more..definitely following you for more updates..

going to read the last post and i will leave my feedback too..

you are some of this media can mislead. thanks for such advice

Personally, I've always warned that (1) Long term investment in the cryptocurrency space is not for the faint heart, (2) Market trend analysis is far more important and reliable than mainstream media.

Good piece.

I'm going to resteem and follow you.


One definitely has to be able to keep hodling coins through a 50% decline or otherwise you´re not meant to invest into cryptocurrencies!

I just feel like there's a bunch of wolves dressed in sheep clothing in this whole #MSM nonsense @steembusiness! That's just my #thoughts on how it is from experience.

These mainstreams media will send out negative headlines/comments just to gain audience attention for their own benefit and making investor scared or sell their coins. I really wish all these media’s weren’t in the picture after all

I agreed that we may not have to trust everything we read in cryptocurrency stories. However, we must not throw away everything we read because some are genuine stories. I upvote you.

I think hyping the news is the media's usual practice by now. People likes sensational news and the media just give us what we want. Though I still hope that they practice responsible journalism.

@steembusiness I haven't believed the mainstream media in a long time. Then again I don't like all the negative news. I learn what I need to know online. Thanks for the information.

I don't think the mainstream is necessarily anti-crypto, but they do want readers - and mainstream or not, sensationalist headlines that overhype the news do tend to attract readers.