Crypto Is Just Waiting To Show It's Real Power!

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago


Crypto is definitely not dead, at least most of the sphere will survive after all shitcoins are done.

Whatsoever I'm of the opinion that crypto still got the joker up it's sleeve, which is a simple explanation to why use e.g. steem or bitcoin instead of fiat.

Sure there are reasons but they are very abstract for the average guy. So I hope that some future event will display the shere potential and strength of cryptocurrency.

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It's advisable to look at a bigger picture of blockchain technology,crypto, if we do not concentrate on the short term. If we trade having period of 2-3 years or more in mind then crypto will surely go up if we compare with current price.

Definitely, crypto is here to stay.

It's by no means dead but there are an awful lot of shitcoins out there. Whatever survives these hits should come out stronger than before. Steem being one of my favorites to have a big say in future markets.

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I agree, everyone getting caught up in the short term prices and not looking at the long term game.

why not BLOCKCHAIN Waiting To Show It's Real Power XD LOL