Crypto Booming In Iran!

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago


After cryptocurrency reached legal status in Iran it instantly got pushed to price levels far above 20k USD on local exchanges.

That's not just demonstrating the huge demand for BTC worldwide that might still be undiscovered until today but moreover as well the huge possibility to get back to all time highs in a blink of an eye.

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Let us hope the prices of bitcoin would soon go to moon elsewhere in the world soon

Very neat - this is a great sign showing just how much demand there is for BTC in certain places out there!

Do you know how the price is able to get that high on the local exchanges without having much of an impact on the overall price of BTC that is shown on Does the price take data from only certain exchanges in certain countries, while excluding others? It seems like that must be the case.

Is this the highest premium or is it still Zimbabwe?

Very good information so I leave my upvote and continue to support us.