TenX Cryptocurrency Debit Card: USA Pre-Orders available now!

TenX has quietly rolled out the ability for USA citizens to pre-order their TenX cards. There is no official release for the United States yet but if you project similar interest in the United States as there was in Europe and Asia it will be in your best interest to pre order the card as soon as possible. Previously when you tried to order a card when you entered your address and selected USA you were told that your country was unavailable for orders but this is no longer the case. Another reason to order now is the price of BTC is relatively low and currently the only way to pre-order the card is to deposit $15 worth of BTC so now while the BTC market is low, you will end up paying less than people in the coming months.

TenX debit cards will revolutionize the way payments are made with cryptocurrency in the near future. Currently the only cryptocurrency debit cards are ones where you simply cash out your BTC and they load a prepaid card with equal value of the BTC you sold. This is NOT ideal because you have to cash out lump sums of crypto. With TenX you store your BTC, ETH, Dash and many other major cryptos in a TenX wallet, then when you want to buy something it simply cashes out the EXACT amount of BTC for each purchase with no transaction fees in the way of conversion from btc to USD or whatever the local fiat currency is.


TenX plans to launch their new cards Q1 from a new issuer and is currently working to get their own banking license to produce and distribute cards without the need for an issuer. The USA may not launch Q1 due to regulatory issues but it is hoped to launch by Q3. Of the few companies that compete in this space TenX has the best team and the most clear and achievable vision for making a profitable company. Not to mention their Comit Network that will revolutionize cross chain conversions.

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