The Lode Coin Project | Token-izing Silver on the Blockchain

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Silver on the Blockchain? Is it even possible? What would it be like?

The State of Anarchy has an answer for that, it's already here!

Carmen Carangi (@chickencaam) Interviews Martin Prescott of the Lode Project, which is a token based blockchain that is actually backed by Physical Silver!

That means that as a token holder, you hold a share of the value of the entire Lode Project, but you have the luxury of their token actually being backed by a decentralized network of Silver owners who have put their silver on the Blockchain! The token can at any time be redeemed for it's worth in Silver, creating a powerful new approach.

This takes the concept of owning silver as a fail-safe hedge against an economic collapse, and instead turns it it to a Crypto-Token that is 100% backed by Silver, making it into a powerful investment that can yield much more dividends for the holder!

Martin explains it all at Anarchapulco 2018 with The State of Anarchy!

What is really powerful is that when the Crypto Market experiences a crash, the Tokens like LodeCoin that are backed by a tangible, physical asset are more stabilized during the price fluctuations!

Knowing that the token is actually tethered to a precious metal is great peace of mind for the people who are off-put by the Crypto's early volatility.

If you are a Silver Holder, and your frustrating with the price manipulation and the lack of financial gains from holding Silver, than the Lode Project might be exactly what you're looking for to create continuous value from your physical assets!

You can find out more about The Lode Project by visiting their Website at

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Go check out their website at

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