Suppoman Udemy Says "STOP DUMB TRADING!" 😡 Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That WILL make MILLIONAIRES? 💵💰

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Hello Steemians, Crypto Investors, and traders.

Many of you have likely heard of the Popular Youtuber Suppoman Udemy.
He is also on steemit as "Suppoman"

While I admit I don't watch all of his videos I have to give him credit about being very accurate with many of his calls on the crypto coins. He's also a major reason I chose to invest some of my portfolio into steem for the long term. I'm definitely gonna be paying attention to what Suppoman has to say. Just wanted to share his most recent video where I thought he was very logical about long term investment strategies and thought it was worth sharing.

Some people may not like his style or delivery but I feel he offers some excellent investment advice for gaining success with your crypto currencies in both the short and long term. He's also a strong supporter of steemit so please make sure you follow him on both steemit and Youtube. His most recent video I'm sharing below was one of the best I've watched and I whole heartedly agree that there is some "dumb trading" going on in the market right now. Of course "pumps n dumps" are to be expected but it gets rather annoying when people continue to dump quality long term coins for small profits. I guess that just means more long term gains for those who have done their research.

Regarding ANTSHARES I think we will still see a lot of manipulation by some whales and erratic trading and profit taking so try to avoid buying at the peaks and focus on buying the dips. I try to dollar cost average when accumulating the long term coins. Here's an excellent steemit post about that goes into more details about ANTSHARES by @demogirl06

I would add other long term coins to the list like LTC, ETC, Golem, SYS, NXT, Factom, Iota, and Monero. If you have any long term coins you want to add please comment below and be sure follow, upvote, and resteem.

One of my recent steemit posts about LTC and ETC.

So just giving a shout out to Suppoman and suggesting that people checkout his channel if they get time.


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Paradoxically, if you are smart, you can make a ton of money from people's dumb trading ;)


So true. I'm admittedly new to cryptos so it takes awhile to adjust to the trading styles of the market. Once you understand the flow and movement of the market it becomes much easier to adjust gains and hold specific coins for the long term.

Time to buy :D


Very true! Lots of great buys for some excellent long term coins right now. :)

Nice analysis. Thanks!


You're welcome @raptorman I had to give the credit to Suppoman. He's been spot on with many of his crypto calls.

I bought steem but still am not sure how it will derive its value unless it allows for ad space or it's own contributes end up selling their own stuff.


Steemit will have some things to improve for sure. I'm still thinking that as steemit gains in popularity so will crypto investing so it will drive the price up for the rest of the year. Either way its nice to earn some free steem from time to time :)



Steem derives its value directly from content. So if you want more steem create more content that is valuable to steem.