Bancor (BNT),Komodo (KMD) 24h price growth news in bittrex,coinmarketcap

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Bancor (BNT),Komodo (KMD) 24h price growth news in bittrex,coinmarketcap
Bancor (BNT):
24h last price 0.00032674 BTC/$2.45
marketcap 16,748 BTC
24h total vol 887.32 BTC
total supply 75,929,590 BNt
banacore markets: Bancor Network,HitBTC,Upbit,bittrex,binance,OKEx...e.t.c
Komodo (KMD):
current price in coinmarketcap 0.00023897 BTC/$1.79
market cap 24,913 BTC
24h vol 202.29 BTC
total supply 104,254,971 KMD
Komodo Markets:Binance,Upbit,Bittrex,Cryptopia,CoinExchange..e.t.c


bittrex exchange :
Komodo (KMD:
24h last brice 0.00024066btc
24h vol 37.87451574
24h high price 0.00024475 btc
24h low price 0.00022801 btc


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