Smarts Share and Token Offering (S/TO)

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Smarts Share and Token Offering

Smarts is on the opinion that those who provide us their help and trust should also see a deserved return on it. That is why we conduct our Utility Token sale in a way that gives our investors the opportunity of acquiring our company shares which they will be able to profit from in the form of dividends.

So what exactly is Smarts?

Smarts is a system that allows for a customer to walk into a store, grab the product they wish to purchase, scan the barcode of the product they want to buy and make the payment by using their smartphone. And for payment customers can also use cryptocurrencies. 

Smarts prototype in work at a store.

Overview of the sale

Smarts will be split into class A and class B shares - 75% and 25% respectively. During our S/TO the 25% of Smarts OÜ will be made available to our customers during the sale.

The shares will be sold to our customers who have purchased Smarts utility token (SMT) as an advance payment for future services. As our customers, the SMT holders have the option to get a percentage of Smarts if they so wish. The B-shares on offer carry no obligations but they do have prior rights to dividends (profits will first be shared with B shareholders and only after then with the A shareholders) with Smarts obligated by law to pay the dividends to the holders of the B-shares when the company becomes profitable. All investors must go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process before they receive their SMT and B-Shares.

The tokens on sale are ERC-20 Utility tokens which can be used on the Smarts platform for services., with the total amount 100 million SMT being divided between the two sales tiers 25% and 50%. The Remaining 25% will be reserved for marketing, advisors, team and company reserve.

Check out our video for the Token sale.

Share and Token Offering

Smarts S/TO will take place in two Tiers. With Tier 1 being the presale and Tier 2 the second round of the crowdsale. During the presale, a total amount of 25 million SMT will be made available for purchase as well as 10% of Smarts OÜ in the shape of class B-shares. As per Estonian law only 800 investors can become the owners of the 10% during our presale, the minimum investment for a percentage of Smarts OÜ will be around 3000€ (the final price will be in ETH and set at the launch date).

The presale will will close on the 1st of December or when 2.5 million € worth of SMT are sold. During the sale, Investors can buy our SMTs from our Token Sale environment and then go through the KYC process provided to us by our partner KYC Center. When that is done all the investor has to do is wait till the end of the presale when they will receive their SMTs and shares.

All the shareholders will be registered in the Estonian Business Registry as Smarts OÜ class B shareholders and will be receiving dividends ahead of everyone else when Smarts starts bringing in profits.

Let's change the world, together.

Smarts will be leading the way in offering a crypto-investment opportunity which is legal, safe and with great odds for ROI. The team of Smarts OÜ believes in what they are creating - a world-changing enterprise profitable to everyone involved which can only be achieved with full transparency and compliance with laws so to first and foremost protect the investors and to repay the faith they put into the Smarts Self-Service Platform.

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