GoldReward Round 1 ICO half sold and how I got my GRX tokens to be sent successfully

Goldreward is the first ICO I have participated in and I only got about $30 USD worth.

Round 1 of the ICO began about 16 hours ago and the tokens are about half sold as of me writing this.

What I wanted to share was how I was able to successfully get my tokens into my wallet.

I purchased my tokens last night but was very worried when I checked my ERC20 compatible wallet this morning and the tokens were not there! I provided payment and my public address but nothing! What I had to do was revisit the goldreward ICO webpage, which triggered the tokens to be sent. About an hour later they showed up.

If you want to get involved in this ICO at the Round 1 rate, be sure to get your tokens soon!
Here is a link to my referral if you feel like using it:

Don't forget to use an ERC20 compatible wallet if you purchase any tokens.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps anyone out who had the same issue I had!

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