Canadians on Coinfield or Considering Using Them

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

I have been using the Coinfield exchange here in Canada and have found their service pretty good. When I need to cash some STEEM out, it takes me no more than 48 hours but usually a few hours to get it into my bank account.

So, I was pretty happy to see the headline, “CoinField crypto exchange reveals the list of 8 new coins and a powerful matching engine for global expansion in September”. I read through the article and found out among the coins being added was Golem… GOLEM… the Russian hardfork of STEEM but not STEEM? WTF?

So, I logged into my account and sent their Support Center my thoughts on the matter:

Hello ... I was excited to see the article about the new coins being added to Coinfield and then I was shocked.

You're adding Golem? The Russian hardfork of the STEEM chain but not STEEM which has a large presence of Canadian members and investors? How come? Without Steem, I would not be even in the crypto arena and I'm far from alone.

Let them know what you think and that you want to see STEEM on a Canadian exchange. So that is Coinfield or to go direct to their Support tickets click here.

We are Steemians, let them hear us.

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Golem is a totally different coin. Golos is the Russian offshoot of Steem. Nevertheless, doesn't hurt to ask them to add Steem.


that's okay .. we'll let them know we want STEEM on a Canadian exchange and we're giving them the chance to be first LOL

Thanks for your post. And congrats @shadowspub just noticed you hit 2 year anniversary this August :)

Sure I’d love to see steem on Coinfeild

I just set mine all up and sent a support ticket asking if we could get Steem on it.

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