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RE: The Real Estate Market Has ONE Massive Problem

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

You'd think blockchain tech created fractional real estate ownership the way these RE coins get promoted! Its an old concept and it has a name: 'Tenants in common" ownership. The issues are to many to get to here, but I'm dubious on how successful these 'coins' will be. Thanks on the detailed post though..Ive been watching LAtoken and Propy for a while. By the way..if the property is encumbered with a loan? It can be called due if your selling off a partial ownership via the 'due on sale' clause. So this only works on free and clear RE. Even then..tons of issues...


I agree with you, dont know how banks and state will react to splitting ownership. They don't like to share profits from "debt slaves" :D

It's a good point mate and I'm not saying that there aren't significant issues. What I'm saying is that, if you can find an opportunity for one of these cryptos priced very low, then the incredible potential that they have can make a investment worthwhile :)

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