What is the secret behind building a cryptocurrency empire ! How to make money out of BTC and ALT coins

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Hello Friends, Sarang Khokhar here. In this brief post, I will talk about Making money with crypto currencies. As we all know Crypto currencies are very volatile.You can refer to rates and charts On exchange sites like poloniex. This is going to be a short article. Follow me if it helps you. I will tell you golden tips on investing in crypto currencies.

There are a lot of crypto currencies, But for investment purposed, I only like, Bitcoins (of course), Ethereum, Monero , factum and golem. Because I see a very hardworking team working behind them, and these projects have very high potentials. Some people even speculate, that ethereum can be the next btc.

Without taking much time, I will share the golden tips with you guys !! I am dividing the article into two parts, In first part i will explain to you risk free method of investing for a long term steady income stratergy. And in second part we will talk about High risk investments.

 =>  If you want a steady income

* Invest in Stable currencies like Steem.

* Invest in Stable currencies like Steem.uf you have 2o00$ , Invest 400$ Each on your top 5 currencies

*Keep adding little bit more money  to good performing investments every month

*Donot check prices every minute (traders know what i mean)

*Never invest in new currencies without research

=> High Risk, High Profit

*Research, Hunt for the golden chance- Many times a major currency crashes , even more than 50%. That is the golden time to invest a high amount of money in a single currency

*Keep an eye on latest news, Watch Crypto currency related videos on youtube.

*Dont Invest because everybody is investing

*Dont sell any currency because others are doing

*Make your own stratergy , every investor has his own tactics and plans.

It was a brief guide guys, For any more help please comment below, I will be more than happy to help.

Follow me for more such posts ! Love you all !


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