How to know where to buy cryptocurrency (DBIX)

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Bitcoin fork is over and a lot of new investors wanna start buying cryptocurrencies. One popular question I get from newbies in cryptocurrency Trading is " how to know where to buy a particular coin.?"

here is a Quick Guide

Let us assume you heard DBIX coin is going to be worth $50 in some weeks and you want to buy it now.

Note: DBIX is the abbreviation for dubaicoin. DBIX is one of the Arabian coin and DBIX has seen massive growth rate before now. But Because of the bitcoin fork, many coins dropped in value,including DBIX.

The price of DBIX before the bitcoin fork was $50 currently DBIX is not up to $12. I'll suggest you get some, if you don't have because it's going to go back up to $50 and I'm sure it will exceed $50. (you can check the chart link at the end of this article to see what I mean)


Let's learn how to know where to buy DBIX

  • Go to

  • Type DBIX in the search box and click the result.

  • Scroll down and click market. currently for dbix there is only one market listed and that is So click

  • this is page and you'll be shown the different cryptocurrencies you can get from Just click the link


  • Final destination: now you can deposit your cryptocurrency (bitcoin) and buy DBIX


Use this link to register and buy DBIX:

  • note: You can use this same pattern to buy any cryptocurrency you want on the



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I just go to as a EU resident, and to for shapeshifting. :D

There are several ways

I know, haha. This is just the most user-friendly and with very high selling options, such as €25,000 at once, and no yearly limits, just weekly and daily.

Yep, but do you have dbix?

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Wow.. I love this. I will definitely go for your recommendation

Success with that, Pls use my link

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I have 5 Dbix i place an order to sell once its $14, i bought it at $11. Will u advice i increase the order price
The price now is around $7


Increase to $51

U welcome sir

Thank you for sharing

You're welcome boss. Do let's organize the biggest steem fest on Nigeria #nigeria

do you live in dubai?

No, I'm a Nigerian