You made your comment right after the video was posted, stop spamming, nobody will upvote you for it.

Do you know who Lujan Matus is?

I ask because of your icon picture.

Hey @crystalhuman, I don't see how I'm spamming. Can you please explain me why it's a problem that I commented right after the video was posted?

You didn't watch the video, at least not before making your comment. That's what spammers do, they don't bother with the content, they show up to make a spammy comment like yours without even knowing what the story was about.

Thanks for your reply! I don't consider myself to be a spammer nor do I make spammy comments for upvotes, but thanks for the heads-up. Have a nice day!

If you make spammy comments for upvotes, you're a spammer. lol

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