The crypto market cap is now at an ALL TIME HIGH! $160,000,000,000 ($160B)

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

The market cap has never been so high until now!

The PREVIOUS all-time high was $116,000,000,000

The CURRENT all-time high is $160,000,000,000


Things are looking great in the crypto world. The top 12 coins/tokens now all have over $1 Billion USD Market Caps. Great time to be in cryptos!

When it passes 1 trillion backs will stop trading stocks and will start to trading criptos :D

And it will keep going higher. We havent even seen the big money come into this market yet.

The road from $160B to $500B will be rather quick....before the end of 2018 in my view.

Yeah that's what I also think.
We're living in some exciting times!
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