Why do some posts make hundreds of steem while others make hardly...

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... a cent?

Is it due to how much of initial funds to upvote your own posts?

-> #Engagement?

-> #Keywords hashtags?

-> #Influence?

-> #Content that's #trending or #popular?

-> Creating value driven content that helps others such as making #howto posts and #videos?

-> Amount of #followers that actually interact with & #upvote your posts?

-> The amount of times the post is #resteemed and #upvoted by non-followers?

-> Or use combination of all of the above?

-> Or is is something else like #bots?

If you're reading this please comment below what you think drives more #steem into people's wallet.

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Hey! Sharing is caring and thanks for the input and...

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Because whale upvotes, that's why. If people with huge wallet balances follow you and upvote your article, you earn lots. 1,000,000 minnow votes might not equal $1 sometimes because they have no voting power (defined as SteemPower, derived from their net worth in the system).

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