We'd love to help out. We understand this stuff is very very confusing and we are working on usage guides, but that will take some time since there are other priorities right now. To use the predictions, you would check our website HERE, where we post the latest predictions according to the schedule. You can then use the filters on the right side of the charts to narrow things down to what you are interested in. If you still have no idea how to do it, you can e-mail us at [email protected] and we can send you more thorough instructions!

I love to predict but this is not clear enough. You may create more interactive such STOX prediction site, gives participants balance and reward them for correct prediction.

Thank you for such great feedback! Translating our own more complex trading ideas into a simple free tool is our #1 concern at the moment, and we realize how challenging this will be and we are working on several guides, stay tuned for those coming soon! We LOVE the idea of getting participant input, and ultimately this is one of the directions we would like to bring the project :)

Which time Crypto Bull Run 2018?

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