<RANT> Hey DEV team, how hard is it to put the .CONF file in the installer?

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I have a question to all the DEV teams (or individuals) who download a QT wallet from GitHub and then make installers and after you install the copy/paste/small changes wallet for this new coin, you click run and guess what?


In 90% of my installations of the QT wallet this is what I see! Doesn't one DEV out there care about the non-geek customer trying to install this wallet so the non-geek can give them their BTC for some new alt-coins that might be worth nothing in a few months? It's like all they care about is to get the newbie BTC from their newbie wallet, but they don't care about giving the newbie a good experience.


Take a look at this article I Steemed about a while back:


This is my experience with Exodus. I think they got way way less money then most of these copy/paste new alt-coins get and will all the BTC or ETH you collect can't you hire a good developer to make a brand new wallet so we can click and install the darn thing like Exodus? Can you do that with your 20 Million Euros you collected from us?

It took me 3 months to install Tesla Coin QT. I use to have Tesla Coin years ago only because I was a fan of the great Serb, but the coin died and some dev's decided to resurrect the coin (thank you!). But whatever they did with the code it was impossible to get it to work. They give a bootstrap and expect me a non programmer to figure it out. Well for months I have tried every variation and finally got it to work, ti was a combination of replacing this file, deleting this one, then starting and one of those combinations worked. But it was a nightmare!


I'm your customer. I have my customers who I work for and get money and I'm not in the technical programing business. I take that Fiat currency that I earn from my business and jump through a bunch of hoops (not easy) to get BTC (at a loss) then move that to an exchange so I can send it to your buggy QT wallet. Have some respect and get the darn thing to be 10 times better then Exodus if you want my BTC!

That's all I have to say for now. I like the crypto but you need to make some improvements in the process and this CONF file is a simple one. There you go I have pointed it out, lets see who the first QT of a new coin is that will get this right? Will it be you?

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This is good feedback, and should be relatively easy for developers to implement. There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a new wallet and getting 0 connections!

Thank you @catotune, I already feel better that I'm not the only one!