<CRYPTO-POINT> What does an Indian Fakkar and a Crypto Scammer have in common?

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Indian Fakkar.jpg

So bare with me I promise to try to get to a point here.

After an amazing lunch in Little India (Kuala Lumpur) today, on my way back to the hotel, an Indian man turns to me on the sidewalk and says:

"You have a lucky face"

I say "excuse me?"

So he goes into his speal to build report with me and does a very good job. At some point he scribbles something on a piece of paper and crumbles it up in a tiny ball, then puts it in my hand and tells me to hold it tight, because it will prove that he is what he says he is. (I guess to build trust).

Then he says pick a number between 1 and 5, so I pick 3. Pick you favorite color I say blue.

When I open the paper it says 3/Blue. Not bad, right?

So then finally we get to what I was waiting for. He asks for my currency and to fork it over to him. I tell him I don't have much on me, only the change that's left after my amazing Indian lunch. He says go to the ATM and get some. I say that I'm from a tyrannical freedom hating Eastern European country which will bankrupt me if I use the ATM because their fees are so huge that they put Stalin to shame. So he agrees to take a few Malaysian Ringgit I had left in my pocket after paying for my lunch. I guess something is better for nothing, right?

So now he does the same thing but he asks for my ex-girlfriends name (I won't post her name here, since it's not fair to her). And guess what? He gets it right again!

I ask him how did you do that that?

He says I'm a holly man, I can see you are a good man. You are going to make huge money next two month etc... on and on he goes and again asks for currency, this time 10X the amount then he asked for last time. I said I gave you everything I had. He pushed for ATM again, I gave the same gulag story again. He walked away disappointed.

So how did he do it?

Well when he gave me the first paper it had just random things scribbled on it which I can't see. He then said to take it and touch my forehead. While I was doing the forehead touch and move up down left right complicated instructions he wrote down 3/blue on another piece of paper hoping I would notice focusing on the executing the complicated order he told me to obey. Then he said you are doing it wrong, let me show you how to do it properly, which is when he switched the paper. The second time, he did the same with my ex-girlfriends name.

So he distracted me to create an illustration that he wanted me to believe in.

So I notice that lots of crypto scammers to the same trick as this Indian Fakkar. I'll give you an example.

A coin is dying (There are over 300+ of them if not more). The scammer says there where stolen coins and the "community" will fix this we will create a new coin or other bullshit lies like community take over or whatever sounds like it's beneficial to you the mark who will be taken advantage of. You can go to this exchange the new coin is only 5 SAT since you are from the community you get it cheap. Now he pockets the money, everyone is distracted during this turmoil of stolen coins. Or they are forking but at the fork the scammer pre-mines so he can pocket all your money during the transition!

There are more scams of this type, I'm still figuring out their scams but ti's always to distract that they are the ones holding the new coins and profiting but they NEVER DISCLOSE THAT they deceive it's the community and not them. The community does this for your benefit they never say they are making a profit because if they where transparent there would be no profit for them. Just watch when they do the switchoroo it's a distraction to make it look like what it's not! At the end they end up with the real Bitcoin and you think they are helping you just like the Indian Fakkar

So the point is don't trust what they say! Yes some of these coin swaps, switches etc are legitimate, but many are just an Indian Fakkar deception to get your currency while they distract you with bullshit lies!

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Much feels many happy!

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