Upcoming ICOs that will take the world by surprise

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The concept of Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs) is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the most sophisticated digital tools for capital raising by startups. The use of cryptocurrency in place of traditional currency has made the process cheaper, faster and more organic.

Early backers can get a significant return on investment by committing to ICOs due to the exponential rate of value enhancement of cryptocurrency. A number of unique startups are currently looking forward to their ICOs which are to commence in the next few weeks.

The frontrunners in this list include Soma, Hirematch, Lucid, Bitjob and LAToken from the industries of employment, trade and e-commerce. Securing tokens during the ICOs of these blockchain startups will allow investors to be a part of brands who have the potential to influence and transform industries.

Student Jobs


Bitjob employs blockchain technology to provide a seamless solution for two main problems that students around the world face - the lack of financial support while studying and the lack of occupational experience after graduation. Most students settle for uninspiring means of employment for the mere purpose of making ends meet. As a result, they have very little real-world skills to offer when they enter the fast evolving job industry.

Bitjob eliminates this short-sighted culture by bridging students with an entire network of potential employers. While primarily operating as a social startup for students, Bitjob also benefits the employer segment by giving them unlimited access to high quality temporary work at affordable costs.

The decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace hosted by Bitjob is both safe and efficient. It is also the world’s first hybrid blockchain platform that allows high levels of transparency and collaboration between students and employers.

During the first stage of the program, Bitjob will accept both decentralized digital crypto currency and centralized payment methods. It will also launch a affiliate marketing program that will ensure that the brand reaches as many young people as possible.

The ultimate objective of this innovative employment startup is to empower students with both financial backing and skills relevant to their future aspirations. Supporters will be able to contribute to the Bitjob ICO via bitJob.io.

The Bitjob token sale is now live.

Recruitment Industry


Hirematch is a different addition to the online cryptocurrency based employment industry which introduces a refreshing new way to help companies hire employees. The method used by Hirematch is hassle free, low cost and efficient. It eliminates the tedious processes and costs involved in conventional talent acquisition through an easy to use, sophisticated decentralized P2P application.

This digital platform enables anyone from anywhere to help employers find employees and individuals find jobs. Inspired by the “headhunter” concept, Hirematch allows users to get involved in the sensitive process of employment via a digital platform. Users will be able to earn tokens via the Hirematch mobile application or by developing an application that interacts with the brand’s API. The acquired tokens can be used to find, recommend and verify applicants for the job listings on the site. The job listings will be known as Smart Contracts.

When a listing is filled, all those involved in the process will benefit via Hirematch. More information on the product and the upcoming ICO on October 1st can be accessed via hirematch.io.

Social Market Place


Soma is a decentralized social marketplace that utilizes to blockchain technology to make transactions safer, more efficient and interactive. Synonymous in basic concept to Ebay and Amazon, the Soma platform rewards its community through Soma Community Tokens (SCT), an exclusive cryptocurrency specially designed for the Soma community. These tokens can be used for future purchases, which will in turn gather the user more SCT.

In addition, it also has common social reinforcement elements such as liking and sharing which further enables users to collect SCT. Another interesting concept introduced by SOMA is the IIC – Interactive Item Card.

This is a digital representation of the physical item that is been traded, which includes valuable information about the item and its ownership such as physical condition and price history. In addition, the IIC will also be a reflection of the social value the item accumulates via the social interactions within the community.

When a SOMA user purchases an item, they will claim both the physical ownership and the corresponding ownership of the IIC. The SOMA ICO presale is currently live. For more information on the platform and forthcoming ICO, visit soma.co.

Derivatives Exchange Platform


When shifting focus towards the trading industry, LucidExchange has proven itself to be a startup that is worth watching. This trading platform also uses blockchain technology with the hope of of becoming a leader in the world of new internet money by enabling fair distribution of risk. This P2P trading protocol is designed with a comprehensive risk assessment mechanism.

It allows the trade of multiple asset classes including commodities, currencies and equities. Every asset sold on the LucidExchange platform will have its unique distributed ledger that will convert the terms of the trade into smart contracts. This will provide an automatic mechanism to maintain risks and margin requirements.

The platform will be operated via its unique cryptocurrency TradeX(TRD). The platform creates a totally secure and independent system that empowers traders to perform transactions efficiently and without any doubt. The latest updates on the LucidExchange platform and ICO can be accessed lucidexchange.io.

Tokenizing Assets


LAToken is another interesting platform with a potential to transform the current trading landscape by bridging the gap that currently exists between real and crypto economy. The platform allows real assets to be tradable in crypto. Individuals who hold cryptocurrency can purchase asset tokens that are linked to prices of publicly traded assets such as shares, bonds and commodities.

These tokens are made available to cryptoholders through an auction that takes place on the LAT platform. Following which, LAToken buys back the tokens from the cryptohodlers at the current market price of the underlying asset. This is done on a pre-determined date. This completely eliminates the need to convert cryptocurrency to fiat cash and allows cryptoholders to carry out transactions more conveniently. This also means that they get access to assets at a much cheaper transaction cost. For more information on how to be a part of LAToken visit sale.latoken.com.

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The concept of cryptocurrency is aggressively taking over conventional methods of transactions over the internet and shows great potential to be the next big thing in the world.

So brace yourselves !!! The age of the ICOs is now here.

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