Gemini Exchange Daily Deposit Increase!


Gemini is by far my most favorite exchange out there. When I first started this crypto adventure almost 2 years ago, there wasnt many choices of exchanges for me to pick from. Especially since I am a resident of New York and theres a stupid license excahnges are required to have in order to operate in New York.

Originally, Gemini only allowed their customers to deposit $500 a day. This became tedious and annoying when I was trying to throw thousands in and had to wait and wait just to keep buying more.

Nowadays though its a whole different story. Gemini just increased their daily deposit to $2,500 A DAY. I think they are preparing for some big players getting into the crypto scene soon. Gemini is seen as one of the most legitimate exchanges out there and I see Wall Street using Gemini exchange as their entrance point. The owners of Gemini Exchange are non other than the Winklevoss Twins, two Wall Street guys that also sued Mark Kuckerberg for $400 Million because HE STOLE THE IDEA OF FACEBOOK FROM THEM....

Well anyway im expecting big things for crypto in the near future, keep steeming cocksuckas

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