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Social networking platforms like Facebook, Mesenger, Wechat, Instagram and Twitter are very much in demand by the public. They are one type of closed and centralized social network. Unconsciously the data that you do is under the power of the platform.

Another thing that is really very worrying when users have to deal with various types of advertising and information. The purpose of the platform is nothing but to attract users' attention to the advertisements they display. It is indeed common that platform makers rely on their profits through advertising without considering what the user really wants.

Products and various commercial services show in every corner of the platform space. As a result, many users do not realize that they have consumed information that is uncertain. In this case, inevitably, of course, users are forced to use their services, despite the fact that the desired needs are merely to build communication with the closest people, family, friends and business. But unfortunately not many users are aware of this.

Therefore, I regret this very much and choose to recommend a quality service product. At least I have spent 3 days checking this product. The result is that I like it very much and hope something better will come.

In this highly sophisticated era, it seems that messaging services have become the most important part of human life. I will introduce you to a messaging product and also a decentralized krypto asset storage wallet. I would be very happy to explain 2 important parts of this platform. In this section I focus more on briefly explaining and how this platform can work with its utility tokens.


original ilustration image of website | edited by me

What is

To explain this question, I will describe it in a few points below.

  • Status is an open source messaging platform and 3.0 web browser.
  • Status is a decentralized mobile application that runs under contract on the Ethereum network.
  • Status is a service that allows you to chat, explore decentralized applications, and interact with the community holder of the Ethereum network.
  • Status is an application that can run on iOS and Android devices.
  • Status is the gateway to free trade in the Ethereum network.
  • Status is a platform built entirely on peer-to-peer technology.
  • Status is a messaging platform similar to mesenger, making users feel more familiar and comfortable when using it.
  • Status is a platform that will provide services for DApp developers.
  • Status is a crypto wallet that allows you to store, transact and control your crypto assets.

I am sure that the description of some of the points above has answered your curiosity about this platform. Overall allows you to interact and store your digital assets such as BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens. This platform can run on smart phone and PC devices.


original ilustration image of website | edited by me

How to use

Application that are built on smart contracts Ethereum will be easily accessible through the internet network. My trial shows that the application is currently only compatible with internet networks. That might be intended so that you get faster access and save on your cellular data costs.

The thing to do to utilize this service is to download this application on your cellphone or PC. The application supports it for use on iOS and Android devices. But it should be noted that currently is still in the alva version. That means there are some countries that may not be able to access this application on a smartphone. Or read about new version on twitter.

Next make sure that you have downloaded the application and are ready to use.

Enter the application, select the "create account" section. Next fill in and follow all instructions given. All you have to do is enter your password, reconfirm the password, and choose your account name. Your account is ready to use. On this platform you will meet various people who have registered and have ERC-20 tokens.

Finally you will experience a wider experience to exchange ideas or build a business with great people on the platform. I am very sure that you are a person who is happy to do that. Like maximizing yourself to interact, transact and build a wider investment. Good luck, wish you luck.


original ilustration image of website | edited by me

SNT Token

This platform has been empowered with utility tokens called Status Network Token (SNT). Since being aired on the ICO in June 2017 the tokens have been distributed to the public. At the beginning of the sale the team has managed to raise funds of around $ 100 M in the first 24 hours.

Based on the graphic info on the coingecko site this token is ranked 71 based on market capitalists worth US $ 100,215,541. 24-hour transaction volume has a total of US $ 27,416,711. The lowest price for the past 24 hours is US $ 0.0284 and the highest price is US $ 0.0296. available supply is 3,527,483,788 / 6,804,870,174. This data is seen on June 15, 2019, western Indonesia time GMT +7. This data may change at any time.

This token is used to provide power to features that support platform development so as to provide better service to users. Some of the features include:

1. Network Incentives

SNT will be given to network participants to run nodes so that they can ensure that the application will continue to run. This is also intended for activities to pay for messaging.

2. ENS Username

This feature will allow you to have a name identity, such as ponpase.eth which will ensure your identity. So that it allows other people to find you, can send messages, and send tokens. This ENS address is available in the wallet, browser, and chat status section. To get service, the pay is 10 SNT with a one-year contract.

3. Installing the Sticker

Stickers will provide more captivating visual interactions. The sticker market will allow anyone to make and sell designs to anyone. SNT will be used to buy the sticker.

4. Teller Network

This network is designed as DAPP which will provide unlimited peer to peer services. This will allow easy fiat-to-crypto exchange.

5. Curation of DAPP

The Status DAPP section allows you to find a variety of decentralized applications. This will allow you to find your favorite applications easily. The SNT will be used for curation. If you are a DAPP developer, then you need to deposit the SNT to bring DAPP to the user's attention.

6. DAO and Governance

In this feature the SNT will be used to make decisions about proposals. The token will be cloned into a decision token. The level of strength of your voice depends greatly on the number of SNTs you have at that time.

7. Voting DAPP

You can decide on the votes for the sake of the future of their platforms and networks. The large number of votes you can give depends on the number of SNTs you have.

8. Acquisition Machine

This works for web 2.0 enhancers that are being tested. It also includes one way to increase cryptography to provide better service to users.

In general, the SNT will be used to regulate platform development policies. Provide fair distribution and impact. Learn more here!

The End Reaction

In the end the decision is in your hands. Enjoy this development and involve yourself to have an SNT so that you get the maximum service and interests. The pretty good prospect of this platform is to provide an open development concept, you can contribute and control all the aberrant actions that are on the platform. The best decision is to immediately enter the application in the download list and hold some SNT for taking action.

For More Information

This is not financial advice, nor a guarantee or promise in regards to any result that may be obtained from using the above content. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered as financial and/or investment advice. No person should make any kind of financial decision without first consulting their own financial adviser and/or conducting their own research and due diligence.

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