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In the last five days neo went more than 50 % up. Do you see the same opportunity on GAS?

Why GAS?

Anyone who owns a NEO and holds it in an official wallet or on the Binance or another good exchange can notice, that you are credited by GAS. GAS is the official token that drives this network. GAS is like the dividend you receive when you keep NEO in the right place.

It has a very important use. Users who want to use the NEO platform and use its smart contracts have to pay with GAS. In addition, GAS is used to pay out accounting nodes for their work, so it acts as a means of payment. So whether you are an accountant on the platform or just own this cryptocurrency, GAS generates passive income for you.



We are on 3 % of the price from ATH! We have a chance to get 3300 % profit when GAS will go on the last ATH.

And that is worth enough some risk. Remember, always make your own analysis and decision.

What do you think?

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Neo mám rád. Trochu ho držím ;-)

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Kdysi sem četl spousty názoru co dělat s Gas a lepší než jej hned prodávat, nebo prodávat a nakupovat za něj zase Neo, je počkat až bude na ATH a pak ho prodat. Protože by měla cena gas rust proporčně s NEO.
A pokud sleduješ moje příspěvky, asi před dvěma týdny jsem psal že Bull run btc a pak i alt run přijde až za 2 roky, což samozřejmě nemusí být pravda, ale já si na to tu dobu klidně počkám.

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