JSE Coin "cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone" a NEW PRE ICO OPPORTUNITY

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Hello Steemians,
Let’s talk about JSE Coin. If you haven't heard about them yet it's probably because they are so new, they just launched around 40 days ago and this coin has not been released on public exchanges yet. Their timeline in their published whitepaper which can be found HERE says JSE Coin will be released to public exchanges in 2018 at 1JSE=$1USD.

I got involved with JSE Coin a little over a week ago and last time I checked a few days ago they had just passed over 10k users.
The creators call it "a cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone". Here is a screen grab of their main website:

Their biggest difference from other coins is definitely their mining plan & platform. There are 2 ways to mine JSE Coin. You can log right onto their website in your web browser and once you've made an account you can begin mining directly from your web browser on their platform at the click of a button. The self miner has been down for a few days but one of the developers has let us early users know in a Discord group that it will be back up in a few days. Here is a screen grab of what the self mining platform looks like when it is working:

The other way to mine JSE is their primary focus and very innovative. Webmasters can add a code snippet to their website that allows the site's viewers to mine JSE while they view to provide a way for websites to be monetized and generate income other than just selling ad space. That sounds revolutionary to me, even though I do not own or build websites because I am so tired of all the ads everywhere and how they advertise stuff I was recently looking up! This is how easy it is for webmasters to mine JSE through their website:

Now because they have not been released to public exchanges yet this is considered a Pre ICO Opportunity and they are currently offering limited time sign up & referral bonuses for early users with no purchase required so you can start collecting this coin for free right now. Only requires a name, email, address, & then to confirm email to sign up & start collecting free cryptocurrency. There are many benefits to being an early adopter of a cryptocurrency especially when there are opportunities like this to collect some at no cost. Imagine if you started collecting Bitcoin when it was $1 or less! I think the idea to use cryptocurrency mining to monetize websites rather than just ad space is going to change the internet! Most people don't like ads. I would like to know what everyone thinks about this new cryptocurrency especially if you consider yourself to be very knowledgeable about crypto or if you are a webmaster! Even if you don't want to sign up, I'd like to get everyone's opinions & thoughts on this new coin!

Sign Up Here & you will receive 0.12JSE Coin as an early user's sign up bonus & then you can get 3.5JSE for each user that you refer!

Thank you for your time & I hope to here back from all of you stemians! =]

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