How Hempcoin Is More Than Meets The Eye?

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Cryptocurrency is not exactly a topic many people who are satisfied with general stores near their houses are concerned with. ‘Why not just use regular money?’ is a question any advocate of such currency is bound to face.

Hempcoin is also a victim of being associated with drug money because it relates to the production of marijuana, and dispensaries exchange it for products. While the debate revolving around whether marijuana is federally legal or illegal depends on which part of the world you are stationed in, mining hemp for the sake of using as the money for people related to the agriculture industry (and possibly as a common form of currency everywhere) does not fall under that topic. In very simple words, it is an excellent way to break the barrier of currency mismatches on online stores, and the following reasons explain how.

Legally Registered  
The worldwide Hemp industry recognizes Hempcoins as the face of their currency, which means that it is not a doubtful and risky entity like other drug currencies such as POT. Although a Hempcoin is much undervalued (1 for USD 0.0742 according to latest graphing), the fact that it is a regulated currency gives a massive boost to its credibility on the online market. Seeing as how much time has not passed for the currency to fully flourish, it is true that Hempcoin dispensaries are not common and major online outlets have not included it as a method of payment as of yet, but people who have recognized the potential of this coin as the currency of the future have invested in hemp mining and are now starting to hold stocks which fluctuate a lot less than the actual market. What does this mean? It means that your store of value is actually much safer than what the rest of the world is doing!

Like any other cryptocurrency, your Hempcoin wallet will also be a very accessible source of money. One feature, however, that will make it shine relative to its counter parts in the near future is that the chances of fraudulent conduct online and sudden devaluation will be much slimmer. This is because THC is traded on secure platforms and their figures are much more reliable compared to those of its rivals, which always have shady vibes around them.

Rising Influence
Cryptocurrency exchangers are including Hempcoins as an option as we speak, because the tradable speed of the currency is even faster than BitCoins. At present it may not be wise to invest heavily in Hempcoins because there is not much you can do with what you obtain if you are not in the right parts of the world, but in the future you can expect registered online exchanges operating in a competitive market, trying to outclass each other in hopes of raising their customer counts. The OTC (over-the counter) market is soon about to revolutionize money as we have known it all our lives.         


Interesting name for a coin

yeah...thank you

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