Remember when Bitcoin was under $9000?

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Welcome to my Cryptocurrencies Market Overview for Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

Hot crypto news today:

  • Bitcoin is back above $9,000 :-)
  • Litecoin surges 25% to $200 ahead of LitePay launch and possible fork.
  • South Korea’s government gave the strongest signal yet that it will allow cryptocurrency exchanges to keep operating in the country.
  • Users on Coinbase won't be able to add new credit cards as a payment option.
  • Bitfinex announced it would build a decentralized exchange on the EOS.IO blockchain platform.
  • And more crypto news below...

Cryptocurrencies Market Overview - February 14, 2018

24 Hour Change

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24 Hour Volume

Market Capitalization

Bitcoin daily chart

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Latest Crypto News - February 14, 2018

Bitcoin Sees Bull Reversal Ahead of Chinese New Year Holiday

Bitcoin looks set to test the $10,000 mark soon, as per technical analysis, although some investors fear the Lunar New Year may play spoilsport. Ahead of New Year holidays (starting Feb. 15), Chinese and South Koreans often exchange bitcoin for fiat currencies (to fund increased spending), and bitcoin (BTC) tends to drop in the run-up to the event.
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More sources about Bitcoin's price:

Fork Confusion Propels Litecoin to 1-Month High Above $200

Litecoin (LTC) is putting on a show today amid news a group of developers may seek to fork its blockchain, the fifth-largest by total value.
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Other sources:

Crypto Trading Ban Downplayed by South Korea After Backlash

South Korea’s government gave the strongest signal yet that it will allow cryptocurrency exchanges to keep operating in the country, a welcome development for traders who had feared an outright ban in one of the world’s biggest markets for digital assets.
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Other sources:

Coinbase Cuts Off New Credit Cards for US Customers

Cryptocurrency startup Coinbase said Tuesday that its U.S.-based users won't be able to add new credit cards as a payment option.
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Ripple Partners With Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority To Offer Pilot Program For Banks

Ripple has announced an agreement today, Feb. 14, with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) to provide support for Ripple’s cross-border payments technology to banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
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Coincheck Exchange Sees $373 Million Withdrawn in One Day

Japan's Coincheck exchange reinstated Japanese yen withdrawals yesterday and investors are already flocking to take out their funds following the firm's recent hack.
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Bitfinex to Launch EOS.IO-Based Decentralized Exchange

Bitfinex announced on Monday it would build a decentralized exchange on the EOS.IO blockchain platform. The high-performance exchange will be called EOSfinex and will combine the speed and scalability of the EOS.IO blockchain with Bitfinex’s expertise in the crypto market, according to the statement.
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Africa's first bitcoin exchange targets 1 billion users

Luno, founded in South Africa in 2013, has plans to become one of the leading cryptocurrency traders in the world. CEO and founder Marcus Swanepoel has a goal that would leave many bigger companies in the shade: 1 billion customers by 2025.
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Bitcoin ETFs “Holy Grail” for Investors - JPMorgan Note

We have already witnessed the launch of futures contracts based on the price of Bitcoin, but there has been virtually no development where other crypto-related financial instruments are concerned. The argument for Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) just got a serious boost as JPMorgan called such a release a “holy grail” for investors.
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Barely anyone is paying the taxes they owe on their bitcoin gains

A tiny fraction of Americans are reporting their cryptocurrency transactions to the IRS, according to a study from Credit Karma Tax. Fewer than 100 of 250,000 federal tax returns prepared and filed so far this year through the company have filed a Form 8949 for cryptocurrency gains and losses, Credit Karma said Tuesday. That's less than 0.04 percent of filers.
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Great to see a sea of green. Let’s hope the trend continues. South Korea is looking good. As a foreigner we are still banned from depositing money into our accounts, but trading and withdrawing have been confirmed a go, good news

that is good to hear. I normally wouldn't upvote your comment as much but these self-voted nonsense ones shouldn't be at the top :)

Much appreciated. I was worried for a bit because regulators were going to force foreign users to open a new bank account at a certain bank to even be allowed doing anything, but because of the public backlash they loosened their requirements a bit. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing

Hahahaha. Stay chill! But I agree. :D

chill... Hold on... South Korean as I know, have no problem with crypto...

Is there an alternative to relating crypto worth to the us dollar? Like, yeah its cool and all bt if you have to turn around and get dollars for your crypto then it seems like it would be benificial to the government to inflate everything or crash the dollar so the crypto cant be worth dollars, idk

Btc back to 9000$

when price falls it feels like market will never go up. When market is positive it feels like it will hit the target.

Luno has remarkable service and their roots here in Africa can attest to that because of the growing number of users who trust in it. About the 1billion users mark by 2025, thats seems too ambitious but who knows, cryptocurrency has no boundaries so I think the sky is the limit.

Glad to see things back on the up and up! Hope it can continue.

That time when Btc is at 9k, i guess i still don’t have any idea about cryptos. Thank God my friends told me about this steemit platform. And after joining steemit platform, i spend a portion of my time reading news and updates about cryptos.

I want know about Steem Dollars market,
please tell me about Steem dollars ?

the price of sbd is now 4.95$

Thank you.

upvote and resteemit done...
keep it on...

Interesting article! Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Nice update, very extensive.
Expecting some nice price action for BTC coming hours, lunar new year incoming!

fresh air starts to bite bitcoin can be the best payment tool in the world keep moving forward with bitcoin
Sorry if my langguage is not good

What tools do u use to make those tabels:D

Thank you for your work on this post!
I really like it that you didn't try to make any forecast,
but gave us just the important information on the market.

Hodl and be ready for the moontrip!


Ilmu yang sangat penting untuk di pelajari, tq

Great post! If you want to keep track of the BTC and all other holdings check out the easiest to use crypto portfolio tracker -

Yep, can't forget that bleeding market but things are now going to cool down. May be coz of Chinese Lunar year.

Everything is getting back to how it should be. But man litecoin is flying.

you shared good states of crypto...

Nice post @penguinpablo

Saw a tweet today from Charles Lee, denying any Litecoin fork. Or maybe we imagined it?

'member Chewbacca???

it's a trap!

That's good news, all right! But the more significant price barrier is $10,000. In addition to it being a psychologically-significant number, it was the price where Bitcoin halted before continuing to plummet to ~$7,000.

Bitfinex to Launch EOS.IO-Based Decentralized Exchange


Steem is downhill it's normal, but still have to be sure that it will definitely go up again @penguinpablo

Another good day in crypto. All green and no FUD.

interesting post...... Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable of luck brother....

Thanks for compiling all this info! See you at 50k, BTC ;)


To the Moon!

It will be back again, it just need a lil more time :-)
is't right @penguinpablo?

that pie chart, really shows how bitcoin is still do dominant, i think its lost on a lot of people . Please help take time to view my post. Thanks for viewing.

You remind me of the story of the unlucky person who throws his hard disk with a lot of bitcoins. :D

Just get two PayPal accounts, send money to one via credit card, send it back friends & family, then transfer to your bank, and then buy whatever you want. I mean, I'm not condoning that by any means, but it's possible. People buy all sorts of stuff they shouldn't with credit... haha.

Nice post, I want to learn more on block chain because that is the future of electronic money 💰 ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine's♡ ☆Day☆

it sounds a promising progress for the coming days for cryptocurrencies...i may not yet an expert about cryptocurrencies...but the way you presented it @penguinpablo i was able to get the idea. thanx for this info. can i resteemed it to share to our fellows steemians...

I remember hehehe...