Only 12 Bitcoin Cash blocks have been mined since the hard fork.

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Bitcoin Cash is up and running for a little over 24 hours now and only 12 blocks have been mined so far. This means if you need 6 confirmations it takes about 12 hours.
This will speed up once the difficulty will be lowered which happens if less than 6 blocks are found within a 12 hour time frame. Since the last block was mined at 02:51 UTC this will probably happen later today or perhaps tomorrow.

If the difficulty would not be lowered it would take over three months until the average block time of BCH is at ten minutes again, because there are about 1200 blocks to go this period. 1200 blocks / 12 blocks per day = 100 days. In that case I plan to fork Bitcoin Cash, correct the difficulty and call my new coin "Bitcoin Cash AD" (Adjusted Difficulty). Who's willing to buy my shitcoin? ;-)

Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin Cash is going crazy! I think the price is going up, because there are almost no sellers anymore. Nobody can deposit any BCH on an exchange. Besides, no new blocks have been mined for 12 hours, creating a scarcity and hence an increase of the price. Now wait for the Bitcoin CRash when exchanges open BCH deposits!

What is the Hashrate of Bitcoin Cash compared to Bitcoin?

I'm not aware of a site that shows the current hashrate of the Bitcoin Cash network. Please let me know if you found one.
One could argue BCH has approximately 8.2% of the hashrate of the Bitcoin network. There have been 12 blocks mined since the hard fork while in the meantime there have been mined 147 blocks on the original Bitcoin chain. 12 / 147 = 8.2%

24 Hour Change

7 Day Change

Month-to-Date Change

Market Capitalization

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I went to the future and took a screenshot of ;-)

Source: Twitter

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Nice Post !! Thankyou !! @penguinpablo

Amazing post. Thanks.

Bit Dark Lite Cash Note Check Classic Unlimited Plus Coin 😂

Im not sure why bitcoin cash has such hate around it, its not even a bad coin

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Wow!!! I was trying to find the coins starting with Bitcoin on but was only able to find the following while typing it in search;

Also I tried sorting by name but got the following;

I guess coins created with the name Bitcoin will create confusions for many new investors damaging Bitcoin's image. This is all because of the opportunists focusing just on their greed. That's one of the disadvantage of decentralization to exploit the goodwill/credibility of an established coin to create another altcoin with some minor changes.
Though I get free coins I don't support what's happening in the community.


I don't think there'll be any confusion as long as any new altcoin is not named bitcoin with different abbreviation


yes! that is why they change BCC to BCH because there was an existing bitconnect which BCC also.. the more the merreir bring it on cryptosss.....


Yeah! Forking Bitcoin with such media attention is a big thing. They could have at least verified it against some valid source. Even a normal individual in crypto knows the top 10 to 15 coins on coincapmarket in which BCC was already listed. I am not criticizing but that is unpolished way of doing things. Though I have my free coins; not yet decided what to do with it.


First of all you can't have the same name and the abbreviation. That doesn't mean new investors who are not as savvy as us (I suppose) in cryptos won't be confused. Even the logo they are using is the same with a tilted "B". You kidding me; that's dumb. Yes there is some difference but it is as confusing as to find the difference between a lime and a lemon with eyes shut to a new person.

Bitrex has the largest volume of bitcoin cash In whole market

The great Bitcoin fork has just happened and things are going smoothly so far, there have been no blockchain reorganizations and no further sub forks. Currently Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain is 50 blocks behind the main chain, putting it roughly 8 hours behind. The reason for this lag is because it took miners quite a while to find the first block, some people panicked when a block couldn’t be found, but eventually one was found by ViaBTC.

I will buy your shitcoins ! Haha
But yeah, when exchanges open up for bitcoin cash it will probably lose all it's value immediately. We will have to wait and see.


not if it merges with bitcoin then we will have 4k easy maybe even 5 at this pace

I will contribute to your shitcoin! I will also pump it to others. What is the price of Bitcoin Cash AD going to be?

What I thought was strange (and funny) was that the Bitcoin Cash block sizes were so tiny. I thought they were all supposed to be 8MB, all the better to kick Bitcoin's ass?

Hahahaha, that coinmarketcap screenshot is epic hahaha lol.

Great post! Now Bitcoin Cash is down and trading at $218 on bittrex. How much for 5 minutes to rent your time machine? I need to get some lottery numbers 😂.
Meanwhile in Ukraine 150 BTC ATMs are being installed.

Followed and upvoted 👍


Great post!

I envy those guys had their btc stored in bittrex before the split ,guess I shouldn't have used electrum

Now wait for the Bitcoin CRash when exchanges open BCH deposits!

Is there an expected date for exchanges to open BCH deposits?

You wrote: "No BCH deposits are possible at the moment on any exchange. Yes, it looks like this. But where do the coins come from which are traded at the moment? Are these the splitted funds which already existed before the fork?

Thanks for your report.


The people who had Bitcoins on the exchanges received BCH at the moment of the fork. At least, on most exchanges.

thanks man, the last one is funny!

You can keep the Bitzy coins buy would you take an offer on your time machine? @penguinpablo

Great post! You are smart! =))

I'll buy your shitcoin! No, but seriously; has enabled deposits with 5 confirmations, so if you want to sell your coins you can do that there in like 7 hours or something!

I have liked your last few updates man, good job.

I had followed you long long ago, you must have been dumped off my list during the hardfork about 3 HF's ago, when a pile of people we follow were dumped.

Nice work on your posts, stats and charts man.


thanks for your charts :)
I am also pretty sure that once BCH deposits are possible the price will crash quite drastically...

Really funny future coinmarketcap vision 😂 I hope that this is not going to happen...

"If I were a rich man
na na na na na na na na na!
I'd have all the shitcoins in the world
If I was a wealthy man....."

Haha nice post man, made me laugh. Plus good info!
Upvoting this baby.
Will follow you as well, keep up the good work!

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Bitcoin Coin. Sounds legit, I'm in.

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Great post,very useful stats and it will be very interesting to see what happens to the 2 separate coins the next couple of weeks.

Really Awesome post .Thank you for sharing voted & Followed very helpful to me you wish you the same @funnystuff.
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Love And Takecare 🌹

very good post !!!!

I like your posts. Thank you!

Bitcoin CRash

LOL, this is a funny name.

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:D:D I didn't know there were so many bitshits :D I think my favorite is Bitcoin Coin (duhh) when will they will be available and would you use EOS/ETH or BitShares to issue them :D

on another note I bought the FOMO, at quite the loss on my Steems :( It's the second mistake I make with crypto trading :(

Thanks for sharing this precious info @penguinpablo.

I prefer BTC, but for BCH to actually succeed the difficulty/ blocks will have to get lowerd


I am Groot! :D

Bitcoin cash may be the future of crypto currency if world knows the potential of it.

Great post..... and funny! :)