Bitcoin’s Price Jumps over $1,000 In 1 Hour while STEEM skyrockets by 45%!

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Welcome to my Cryptocurrencies Market Overview for Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Today in the news:

  • STEEM has skyrocketed today, up 45%!
  • Bitcoin spikes upwards from under $6,900 to $8,000, a new high for April.
  • EOS is now the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • OKEx announced to become the second major cryptocurrency exchange to move to Malta.
  • Monero will shortly support the Ledger hardware wallet.
  • A blockchain-themed conference in Shanghai was abruptly suspended by the police.
  • J.P. Morgan has been sued for charging undeclared fees to customers who used their credit cards to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • And more crypto news below...

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Latest Crypto News - April 12, 2018

Bitcoin surges 17% in sudden move to above $8,000

Bitcoin surged more than 17 percent in a sudden move on Thursday to above $8,000 at one point, according to trading on Coinbase. The cryptocurrency hit a high of $8,011 on Coinbase.
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More sources about Bitcoin's price:

JPMorgan sued over fees for cryptocurrency purchases

JPMorgan Chase & Co has been hit with a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court accusing it of charging surprise fees when it stopped letting customers buy cryptocurrency with credit cards in late January and began treating the purchases as cash advances.

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Other sources:

OKEx to Become Second Major Cryptocurrency Exchange to Move to Malta

Another major cryptocurrency exchange is about to set up shop in Malta, cementing the small Mediterranean island nation’s status as a burgeoning hub for cryptocurrency startups. OKEx, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange as measured by daily trading volume, on Thursday announced that it will open an office in Malta and make it a “foundation for further OKEx growth.”
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Monero Confirms Ledger Wallet Support is Ready to Go

Privacy-focused altcoin Monero (XMR) is set to receive official support from cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, lead code maintainer Riccardo Spagni has confirmed.
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Police Abruptly Halt Chinese Blockchain Conference

A blockchain-themed conference in Shanghai was abruptly suspended by police on Thursday. The one-day event, dubbed the Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 and organized by a business conference organizer called PTP International, was originally scheduled for April 12. Yet around midday (local time) on Thursday, the morning session was halted by police, and all attendees and organizers of the event were removed from the venue. The afternoon session of the event was also cancelled.
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Santander Launching Blockchain Payment App This Week

Global banking giant Santander Group is reportedly launching a blockchain-based application for cross-border foreign exchange on Friday.
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Litecoin Debit Cards Might Become Reality Soon

The Litecoin Foundation and TenX have entered into a partnership that could soon produce a debit card ready for LTC payments.
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Research Paper Declares Bitcoin Compliant With Shariah Law

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are intriguing because they are very different from the traditional financial systems we use today. One particular subject people have pondered is whether or not bitcoin complies with the religious law that forms a part of Islamic tradition — otherwise known as Shariah Law. This week a microfinance firm based in Indonesia, Blossom Finance, published a 22-page working paper that concludes that “bitcoin qualifies as Islamic money, except where it is banned by a local government.”
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EOS Booms Suddenly, Is More In Store?

EOS skeptics are often surprised by the market - this digital asset seems to have endless upward potential and rises easily. EOS added up to 45% in a single day, to trade above $8.22, displacing Litecoin from position 5 on CoinMarketCap.
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Other sources:

National Currency, Scam And Police Violence: What’s Going On With Crypto In India

India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has caused a stir on April 5, 2018 by announcing that it would not allow regulated institutions like banks, payment service providers and non banking finance companies (NBFCs), to provide services to persons or businesses that deal with cryptocurrencies.
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Cryptocurrency Is the Main Income for 12% of Russian Crypto Users

Cryptocurrency is the main source of income for 12% of Russian speaking crypto users, according to a new survey. More than 90% of the respondents say they want to use digital coins as a means of payment, and a quarter of those interviewed are already doing that. 40% of the participants view cryptos like bitcoin as a good long-term investment. They have no intentions to sell their crypto holdings in the near future.
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The 24h volume bar for EOS is looking pretty impressive - more volume than even ETH.

Pretty happy reading this @Penguinpablo
For us who have STEEM it has been some joyful days.

45% gains overnight is crazy. Doesn’t make much sense to me but I’m not complaining. Let’s turn that 45% into 450%! Thanks for the update!


we are going back to 6000 USD lvl and then we go on bullish to 20k USD per Bitcoin.



Been waiting for crypto to moon for weeks. Now lets get it going to the upside!

Go Steem!

Wish I was in EOS. Dang the train has left.

XMR on ledger nano s is good only when one knows which Monero they accept. I still am confused as to which I own since the fork.

Banks charging hidden fees is always not a surprise to me. How else do banks get their earnings if they do not take some sort of fees?


Man, the train has just started moving only!!!! I bet EOS will be 100$ by the 2019. And Steem like 20$

Unexpected gd news!

Do you know why steem had 45% gains overnight?

We need conviction on Bitcoin, lets see if price can take out the sellers at $8000 and $8500. The sellers at $8000 are in control at the moment.

We just need to close above $2.00 on Steem today and this could be the start of something beautiful.

May I comment brother @penguinpablo?

When will SBD prices rise? I see lately the price is falling and falling down. how about your opinion brother?

I'm just a young writer at Steemit, but I really enjoy the steemit world that I didn't take long. But, it seems like I have friends and a new life in Steemit. Nice to meet you brother @penguinpablo

Thanks for the update, i think this is a healthy correction and it will sort out all the crap that is on the market. I am sure it will still go down a bit and then i hope it will stay to a certain level. i also think that there will be one stable coin with low fees that will be available for transactions in a real time scenario then cryptos have really some worth but now with the big fluctuation it only attracts the investors who want to make some quick money.

i think this will be over in some time and then maybe a new coin with stable exchange rates to USD or EUR will rise and be used for payment.

Great article and very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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I'm grateful for the bear market because it's a good reminder to stay cautious. Even though I felt like I wasn't getting swept up in the craziness of December/January, I definitely was in retrospect.

here's hoping for some higher prices ASAP.

Thank you @penguinpablo I enjoy watching the site I would love to see an animation of the full day or look back at a month worth of data and watch the flow from one side to the other and see how they are connected. I go to your site daily to check out the charts.

FIGURE OUT YOUR DAMN TAXES PEOPLE AND THEN BUY MORE CRYPTO!!!! follow me to the promise land hodlrs, follow me!

An encouraging news

BOOM! This is what I came here to see! Love it Steem! Keep it up.

Thank you VERY much for the GREAT NEWS! I absolutely love the post! It's spring time and the CRYPTOS are springing up! :) All the VERY best my Friends! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Feels like a short squeeze on bitcoin, traders scrambling to cover their positions.

I keep crossing my fingers for steemit. thanks for the post. Greetings.

Thank you, nice info.

Thanks for the update

It nice to see some improvement in the crypto currency everyone is really liking it thanks @penguinpablo for this useful information

Its going moon again...

Only $1000? Haha! It's small. Wait until those huge investors come in before this year ends. Many might regret not buying while Bitcoin and cryptos are in discounted price.

Joining Steemit was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life :-D
This is such a unique and valuable community that I foresee the price of STEEM hitting $100 in the next 1-2 years, simply due to low supply and the extremely fast technology behind it. Sure there are still a few more kinks to work out but I think that once the user interface is updated on Steemit the price of STEEM will inevitably jump.

Nice summary post. I'll be convinced we are in an uptrend when BTC breaks $9,200. If it starts to go side--ways then i'll be looking at trading the alts!

  ·  last year (edited)

At the moment you are showing a steem price at around 1.70 ... this seems like a huge drop and so I went online to compare to other sites ... they are still listing steem at over 2.50. Do they not know something you do or is this a page error.

A very large rise is a really huge investment
I wish everyone success
I expect a lot of currencies to rise now

beyler bu siteyi incelerseniz sevinirim arkadaslar iyi para kaldirdi

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

I cam only see a bitcoin positive again until the per unit price is five figures. STEEM on yhe oyjer hand needs to get above the $5 mark and stay there for a few weeks to make me jump for joy.

Wow green green everywhere


Welcome to new world curency.....
Welcome to sucses.. Bitcoin... it'amazing

Steem almost jump out of the screen! On the right side for once!
Let's hope that it isn't a dead cats bounce. But if it is one, than at least we have bought us some room!

This post is selected and resteemed by @resteemza

I like this bitcoin crypot
Thanks for sharing steem
I appreciate your cryptocurrency news

Love to see the market in green :) Specially the STEEM <3

It's the suspense that gets me!