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in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Hi Steemians!

I'm happy to announce a new website that I've made. gives you a quick overview of what is going on in the cryptocurrency space.



  • Quick overview of the price changes of the top 50 cryptocurrencies (24 hour, 7 day, 1 hour, Month-to-date).
  • The charts update automatically every minute.
  • Percentage of the total market capitalization per coin.
  • Latest cryptocurrency news from various sources. Updates automatically every 10 minutes.


Hope you like it!
Feedback is very welcome :)

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Looks interesting, useful data. I am wondering how reliable it is, what api's exchanges are used for the charts, if you don't mind.

Keep it up, would be interesting to see with what else you come up with. :)

Good job, great value

Pretty cool. Resteemed.

Nice one :)

Excellent! I really enjoy your news curation. I think the table could be made more readable by making it more like, thus putting the ranking to the very left and include the name, not just the ticker.


Thank you for your comment.
When you visit on a mobile device you only see the ticker symbol due to the smaller screen. On a desktop computer you get the full name of the coin.

That's a cool website, maybe an ordering of high to low would be a nice feature.

This is actually brilliant! :o

wow it is a wonderful site to get the latest information about cryptocurrency. Thank you so much for sharing this post dear @penguinpablo

Love it, bookmarked

Thanks for the link.

Again, I really like what you are doing. It gives an excellent quick overview of the markets.

The visual affect really helps me understand the current market sentiment.

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Amazing! Good work! :D

very important information easy to understand and well summarized, saved in my favorites

Oh boy, that is an amazing page!

Thanks for sharing it, you contribute quite a lot to the community with these analytical tools.

Keep up the good work buddy
I am a big fan of yours
Thanks for that as well :)

I love this one. different from CMC, especially for news and chart. Congratulation. Just bookmark it.

this is a good project, you make it well and the site is very needed by the people here.
such as that is so incarnate and reliable.
Thank you @penguinpablo ^^

Awesome! Thank you! Much better than coinmarketcap!

I greatly enjoy the setup you have here on the website. The gain bars are a nice touch and you include a lot of valuable information here. I would just advise to slowly add more coins as you go and fix bugs because ultimately people want to see as many coins as possible on the websites that they follow. Thank you for adding this to the sphere we need more people like you. Gods speed and Steem on!

Pretty neat and tidy. I like this type of visual representations. It obviously has a similar design to

Btw, I wanted to share a little bug I've noticed on If you look at my account there, in the post section, besides the regular posts that are up for a payout, there are two 3 month old posts. I suspect it's because the posts performed so poorly that they didn't even qualify for a payout which left them there.


Thank you for reporting this bug.
I have it fixed in the next release. (to be expected later this week)


My pleasure :) I guess I wan't that quick in reporting it then ;) It only took me about 3 months :P

Thank you very much for your information about Have a nice day. Regards.

Would be nice if you added ico news/calendar

This is actually brilliant!

That's awesome Pablo, great work.
Thank you for giving us a chance to see all this info.

one new experience that I want to try to thank friends has shared

Simple, Clean and useful.
That's everyhting it needs to be, congratulations!

Valuable site! We need more tools like this to help keep the market educated on price movements. Thanks, following!

good news , thanks for your sharing !

Thank you for the great job you are doing...

Good job

good one.

Esta es una interesante y útil página. Aquí vemos de un vistazo como BTC desacelera en su crecimiento y Neo es la ICO que mayor crecimiento tiene del ranking de las primeras 10. Te felicito por este aporte. Lo tendré como referencia

hmm, i'm gonna check this out. like, right now! 😊

This is an interesting and useful website. Here, we see at a glance how BTC decelerates in its growth and Neo is the ICO that has the highest growth in the ranking of the first 10. I congratulate you for this contribution. I will have it as a reference

Awesome! Thank you! Much better than coinmarketcap

wow. Good job

Great work @penguinpablo. Just wondering in the future are you gonna include the new coins, like top 10 new coins today


I have no plans at the moment to add an overview of new coins. There are so many new coins being issued and, to be honest, I think that 99% of those coins are just crap.

The new coins appear on my website automatically once they enter the top 50 based on market capitalization.


Yeah that's true, there are so many coins added every day and most of them are crap.

Selalu ada informasi baru dari setiap postingan @penguinpablo.. good job...

Awesome, good luck!

Very good.

its nice dude

Thank you very much! I was needed one of these =)

great to job...
interesting your post...
thanks for sharing ...
good luck for you.

great ^^

Good work, I like it. I will look at it.

Great job!will check it out .

very good job


Can you also add YTD and 1 year change? And maybe 1 month instead of Month-to-Date, which I don't think would be very useful? And sort the ranges shortest to longest? :) (1 hour should be at the beginning, doesn't have to be the default)

Oh, and also allow sorting the coins by biggest gain in the given range instead of market cap :)

BTW, where do you get the data from? Straight from exchanges or do you use an API like coinmarketcap's?

Leveraging the data you are putting together, smart. I like it.

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Good job Pablo!
You can make it more user friendly by placing the crypto's names column also on the right side so it's easier to read.

Congratulations @penguinpablo . It looks like you have developed a very useful and niche/positioning for your new site in what seems like a very crowded Internet so far as crypto-oriented websites are concerned. I will be jumping over to your site shortly and will continue to use it and be supportive.

May I introduce you to my site which is also relatively new? ( ) My niche is to do deep data mining and statistical analysis focused on studying relationships among variables and applying innovative indicators, and even including back testing from time to time. I will bring to the surface (for publication) what I hope will be innovative and useful articles presenting what I hope will be useful results of the data mining and analysis.

These articles will be free at my site; but from time to time what I hope are useful collections of analytical tables/charts behind the articles will be on sale at my e-commerce website -- . There is very little material at this website at this point; because I’ve taken down the bulk of stock market related products that used to be there, except for two still on display.

When you get over to my site with free stuff ( ) you will see no evidence of the kind of work which I outlined just now. The site used to be focused on the stock market stuff, and only recently have I redesigned it to have a focus on cryptocurrencies.

So there is little of particularly interesting stuff there at this point in time. However, to give you an idea of what is going to be there eventually but focusing on analyzing crypto data, do take a quick look at the at this article where I dissect the Aug. 2015 flash crash:


Hello again!
I just popped over to your site and offer you a double congratulations. You’ve got into a really useful niche.

For example, your site will become a feeder-site for my work in terms of bringing to my attention in a very timely way ‘hot’ issues on which I might do some useful data mining and analysis.


very good joj keep it up.....

Cool site! Thanks! Speaking of "TODAY," it's the 9th anniversary of Bitcoin -- take a look at my post:

Fantastic! Cheers.

this is such a cool tool man thank you for helping the community! keep it up!

Relevant work,I like
Good continuation!

Good job...Thank you!:)

good job!

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Exceptional thoughts of my brother must be many people who like your post

Wow, excellent creation. This is definitely of great value. Thank you for your hard work!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

nice job i like it.
what source of info you use for arbitrage?

Good website for crypto prices and new, keep it up

Great work - well done @penguinpablo

I will love to do a promotion for the website by writing a review about it on both my steemit blog and self hosted blog. I need your permission to do this boss.

BTW the total market cap says 181,117 million, is that not a mistake? I think it should be in billion


I will love to do a promotion for the website by writing a review about it

That would be great! Thank you in advance!

BTW the total market cap says 181,117 million, is that not a mistake? I think it should be in billion

Thanks, but the comma is a thousand separator. The current total market cap is $
181,117 million
181 billion.


Ohhh, i got you boss

Though would be less confusing for someone like me if it's just written like 181 billion or $

Great job, @penguinpablo!

Congratulations @penguinpablo!
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greate jo.

great job :))

nice your post

Really nice work! I like the design

swweeeeeeet ¯___(ツ)____/¯

Exactly what I needed! Super lean, simple and informative. Thank you @penguinpablo!!

Nice one @ penguinpablo . I need this type of overview

Very useful!
Added to my crypto tools !

Impressive work.

Ok, this is really REALLY nice!
Bookmarked. Thank you!

Nice, just bookmarked... like the tabbing...