A Bitcoin Fork? No... It's Bitcoin FourK!

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Was the Bitcoin Cash hard fork a threat to Bitcoin? Not at all! Last weekend the result of the Bitcoin Fork became a Bitcoin FourK. Bitcoin breached $4,000 USD yesterday and has set a new all-time high of $4,228 on Bitstamp today! :-)

Meanwhile, Steem is 3.8% down again today and is currently the biggest loser in the top 30 cryptocurrencies over the last 7 days. Is Steem being undervalued? I think a rank of #23 is way too low for such a great digital currency. Besides Steem, I also think about selling some of my Bitcoin for SBD (Steem Backed Dollars). If I buy SBD at 0.000215 BTC on Bittrex I actually sell BTC for a price of $4,651 SBD. A great Bitcoin price to take some profits in my opinion :)

24 Hour Change

7 Day Change

Month-to-Date Change

Market Capitalization

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$1000 USD invested in Bitcoin in July 2010 would now be worth $80 million!

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Buying SBD might not be a bad idea. If the witnesses decide to raise the interest rate it should trend back towards $1.
(not investment advice etc!)


That's what I think too :)


Help me @penguinpablo!!!!
I'm completely off topic, but the bottom section of steemnow is not working today and I am lost without it! I use the wonderful filter there on "latest posts" to find many things throughout the days - now that section is blank and I am lost lost lost!

I love steemnow and keep it open all day. I am an addict without my fix. Please help me...


Sometimes the steemd server is a bit slow. I have no problems at this moment with the 'latest posts' section. Does it work correctly again on your side too?


Yes - It's been great since my last comment. Thank you so much. What a time saver :)


Thank you! It's back and my brain is free. Do not make me look out there again! I really love steemnow and cannot do well here without it :)


I voted for the 3-4 witnesses who advocate the interest rate increase. I got this advice over the weekend and added my voice to hope they will do it. I am not too knowledgeable about this, but I saw the advice a few times, so decided to add my minnow voice to the effort.

The title is a good one! :))

Yes, i think too that steem is currently undervalued. But it's a good idea to buy SBD at this time. And i think that's the witnesses should review the interest rate to 5% to encourage steemians to save SBD and bring it back towards $1.

appreciate you ! done good work

jsblokland jeroen blokland tweeted @ 14 Aug 2017 - 05:35 UTC

Good #bitcoin Monday! USD 1000 invested in bitcoin in July 2010 would now be worth USD 80 million! https://t.co/YxkOIaMlfH

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Dropping to 23rd place has my interest . We were in 15 in June when I signed on . I hope undervalued is the only problem .

BTC probably will go even more in future
btw steem let's hope it will go up by in future

thanks for share nice information @penguinpablo ..

Good info. I will follow

Love your title.. love these times too .. :)

imagination ---> high price
bitcoin > all altcoins now
How about the future imagination of STEEM?

nice to see these graphs again.. can't wait for when you put them online in realtime ! amazing to see bitcoin soaring and bitcoincash holding onto a solid 3 digit price in the £250 range . 100% upvote ! with my new magical minnowbooster SP :) NEOCOIN.. formerly antshares, there's one to watch, I think it will take to triple digits by August End.. just a humble prediction.. steem has so much saturation and love behind it, it will become a household name soon! facehuggers and instaspammers will flock in their millions.. that's when it will get interesting.. will it hold up or will you end up having to buy in with a minimum amt of steem so that the rewards payout doesn't get spread too thin ?? aloud thinking

Nice word game :)

BTC is ticking bomb rn


Bitcoin FourK

Pretty Cool


Steemit....goes back to that old saying . Just a ponzi scheme that benefits the ones in the top.

Probably a good call to buy Steem against BTC. I did this yesterday as well, should have waited i guess. but in any case i see steem making a jump of 20% a hell of a lot easier than BTC atm.

haha your title alone deserves an upvote

Thank you for your information.
Please follow me back :)

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Haha! Great title!
I sold at 4k! D*mn
I'm a mannequin and I still have to learn a lot!
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Thank you this information...

At this rate BTC will hit 30k before DOW does!!

I award you a doff of the cap for the title good sir. Well done.