📺 Another Interview with Da Hongfei of NEO @ NEO meetup Shanghai China 9/14/2017 📺 - More talks about Chinese regulations and details about NEO blockchain

After the recent interview with CNBC I posted, Da Hongfei has appeared in another interview to talk about NEO and the recent regulatory wave in China.

Da Hongfei reiterates that NEO is not directly affected by the ICO ban, and that he believes that the Chinese government has little to no problems with the NEO blockchain. He says that he believes the ICO ban is not temporary. During the interview Da Hongfei answers a lot of other questions too, about smart contract gas costs and running a node, Red Pulse, OnChain, and about how Github has occasionally been banned in China and that is why the Github lacks some activity for NEO.

You can watch the interview below:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpUdTIQdjVE&feature=share

It is great to see NEO's increased marketing presence and Da Hongfei doing a great job at getting the word about NEO out.

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Very useful information, thank you for sharing! Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

Hey pandora, clicked through to your profile from your comment on my NEO blog and happy to see you talking about the same thing :)

How relaxed he is really speaks volumes to me. Does that look like a man worried about government regulations ruining his entire business? Nope :)

Remain optimistic!

Hi @forexbrokr, thanks for checking my posts out :)

Yes, Da Hongfei is a pretty good speaker, I imagine he is better in Chinese but he does reasonably well in English.

I am still 100% optimistic on NEO! the recent chinese ICO ban concerns me little.. I never got NEO because it was an ICO platform. It's so much more!

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Good info! I have some hopes for NEO.

I hope he speaks the truth about the impact of the government.

great work! keep it up!