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Welcome to the @OriginalWorks sponsored writing contest!

Status: CLOSED.

Accepted Languages:

  • English
  • Russian

Start time: 6 PM ET, Thursday
End Time: 6 PM ET, Sunday

This is a call to all great Steemit writers! Crypterium has sponsored a writing contest!

Prizes: 125 STEEM

  • 1st Place: 45 STEEM
  • 2nd Place: 35 STEEM
  • 3rd Place: 20 STEEM
  • 4th Place: 15 STEEM
  • 5th Place: 10 STEEM

Deadline: 72 Hours

All articles must be submitted within 72 hours of this post to be considered!
(New rule introduced, author reputation must be at least 30 to submit.)

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium is a contactless cryptobank for everyone. Everything you need in your smartphone: payments, transfers, currency exchange, instant loans. The goal of Crypterium is to replace traditional banking.

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing at an unbelievable pace. Even with this incredible growth, the number of transactions in cryptocurrencies still pales in comparison to traditional fiat money. The Crypterium Cryptobank aims to change this by becoming the new standard in banking.

Forget physical bank branches and dealing with bankers. Crypterium will perform the functions of a traditional bank at a fraction of the cost.

As soon as the Crypterium mobile banking app is downloaded, the customer will be able to use it anywhere that VISA, Mastercard or UnionPay is accepted.

The future of Crypterium.

Mobile transactions are quickly replacing cash and becoming the new standard. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are seeing an unprecedented growth in adoption. Crypterium will be the path for cryptocurrencies to become a new standard in payment.

An example use-case!

No topping up exchanges and waiting to get fiat in the bank. Crypterium will not only allow fast convenient transactions, but will also do it at a cost that is significantly lower, which makes it more enticing for the merchant as well as the consumer.

Token Sale

Crypterium is in the last stages of the token sale, having started on October 21st, and ending on Janurary 13th of 2018!

Click here for the token sale.

Check out this video for a brief introduction:

More Information & Resources:

Rules & Submission

  • Write an article about how Crypterium will change the world of banking! Most of us use banks all the time. How will Crypterium change the way you bank? How will this impact merchants? How would this influence cryptocurrency spending? As always, the contest is very open-ended. Be creative!

  • Feel free to use images and media from their website. You can even make your own video and have it in your submission!

  • The article must be 200 to 600 words in length.

  • To submit please do the following:

  1. Add the word "crypterium2017" (without the quotes) at the very end of your article.
  2. Link this post in your submission.
  3. Author must be at least level 30 to submit.
  4. Post the link to your article as a reply to this post.
  5. Resteem this contest post.

How the winners are decided

The submissions will be passed along to the team at Crypterium, and they will decide the best articles.

More information & recommendations:

  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar!
  • Feel free to use informal language such as "I would, etc"
  • Use information and resources above to learn more about Crypterium!
  • If you copy something, use quotes. This is an @OriginalWorks contest after all :)

After writing an article, within a few minutes you should get one of these as a response to your article post:

If you don't get one, let me know by adding a quick message after you submit your link as a reply here and I will look into it.

Early bird bonus!!! First 15 submissions get 1.5 STEEM each. The article must meet the contest conditions such as word length and a level of quality.

Disclaimer: @OriginalWorks makes no claims as to the legitimacy or operating procedures of contest topics. @OriginalWorks does guarantee prize payout.

Good luck to all the contestants!

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Hello again @originalworks ... Oh boy - juicy one... This could be a literal "game changer" for financial services - I'm in...

You got a 2.24% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @originalworks!

ENTRY by @outerground


post upvoted 100% and re-steemed. Best of Luck to Everyone

hey can u help me. In my submission post contestbot does not notify me.In gladius that is same @outerground

hi @steemitglass. Sorry can't help you with that. You'll need to ask @originalworks about it.

This is my entry for the contest. hope i get a constelation prize.

I've resteemed this post, and hopefully will have time to submit an entry.

Best of luck everyone! Game on! :D

I can't wait until I can use Crypterium to purchase real Estate!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks brother, i think we view crypterium in the same perspective! Great!

@originalworks one more opportunity to review an ico .good opportunity to invest in Crypterium
My entry https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptolucky/crypterium-everything-a-bank-needs-to-be-and-more

@ originalworks another great opportunity in the cryptocurrency world

Thanks for arranging this contest.
All the best everyone

Here's my entry.

Thanks for being here for us!


Please find the link above for my entry. I have upvoted and resteem this contest post.

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Very nice concept. Wanna perticipate. Thanks for sharing @originalworks

Great article! have you checked www.fastinvest.com/en/ico
Looks like a great project with a strong team and a great operating business!

I am following it to!

Замечательная идея!Вперед в будущее и удачи!

Hey. This is really interesting to me. I look forward to researching more and submitting an article! Thanks for the contest update and opportunity!

Best of Luck to all the Entrants ;)

Thanks for this information. Very interesting. I have a few ideas and may try to participate. None the less I will resteem this

didn't get contestbot on target, thanks ;)

Thanks for letting me know, it's been submitted.

Got it thanks, early bird included. Looking for an awesome team soon, let you know.

Sorry so late @originalworks... Been a hectic few days...

My submission:

Thanks for the opportunity - and good luck to everyone...

Dear @originalworks I did not get any massage [email protected] on my submission please check.Same was happend in previous submission may be that reason I selected as winner. Please check and fix these. thanks

Once you get the early bird bonus it means your article was definitely submitted.

Nice contest @OriginalWorks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice contest @OriginalWorks

Very inspirational contest. Good luck for all participants and hard workers and skilled writers.

Very interesting. I will make one.

I will make it ;)
Here is the link to my article: https://steemit.com/steemit/@asadullah/revealing-revolution-crypterium
Best of luck all :)

best of luck carry on everybody & thanks to share

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Bonjour, j’a Resteemé votre article. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année 🎉🎁🥂

very informative. post I like it.

It's been 7 t 8 hrs, but I've not got any response from @contestbot
Please check it out @originalworks !


I'am very interisting contest @originalworks..
Thank you..

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gd post

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 7.01% vote... I was summoned by @originalworks! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Hi please check originality of my posts 🙇‍♂️

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Thank you for this good opportunity!

Very nice and informative article..

here is an entry. thanks for the post!
I actually have an article with a similar sentiment if you would like feel free to check it out.

I am also studying steemit. please guidance from @originalworks

These sort of promotions are so important to the development of steemit, I am glad that money is being poured into contests such as this. Ad money escaping from the grip of facebook and google. Great stuff @originalworks

I am also studying steemit. please guidance from @mehdibca

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good time , good luck , good work

Crypterium is the new trend!

@original works
What a great idea to promote good solid sources of knowledge!

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Nice article, what do you think about Fast Invest ICO??

Dope, this is a great way to stir conversation and to get fellow steemers to engage with high quality content... I appreciate the post and the opportunity you have presented, heading into work to do some more research on this and potentially submitting an article!!

nice content and post...
keep it up dear friend

ya game on

good luck to all :)

Here is my entry

As always thank you for the fantastic opportunity and the invitation to participate. I needed a little longer to put this one together and couldn't compete for the early bird this time.

But I think its my best write up yet!

Blessings to All!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

welcome @originalworks ! Nice Post ! Please upvote & keep following


Yess thank you

good luck to all the contestant :)

Wow what a very interesting post just my luck to miss something like this , i have upvoted and followed you , be nice if you could do the same , stay in touch would love to see more from you xx

i like your moves u got .....

Now they have a trading competition? Well a lot of gimmicks for crpt that's good https://www.kucoin.com/#/rank/CRPT