Just Some Perspective: Why Ripple Will Not Go To $10 dollars... Will Never Go to $100

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Alright, so Ripple has just past Ethereum to take the #2 spot in crypto market capitalization with a market cap of $87 Billion compared to Ethereum’s $72 Billion

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 4.26.00 PM.png

To do this, Ripple has surpassed a weighted average price of $2.00 with a circulating supply of 38.7 Billion tokens.

Ok so what’s your point? Why won’t Ripple go up more? To many newcomers in the crypto space, purchasing Ripple (XRP) seems like a “logical” choice due to it’s low price point. Many people believe because other coins in the top 10 CMC (coinmarketcap) are in excess of $10, Ripple should be able to reach that mark. However, those who make this assumption fail to “zoom out” and realize the absurd amount of value Ripple would represent if it hit $10.

So let's see...

With 38.7 Billion circulating tokens, a $10 per Ripple valuation would bring the Ripple’s market cap to a staggering: 38.7 B * $10 = $387 Billion

In other words, at the current overall crypto market cap of 610 Billion, Ripple would comprise over 50% of the overall market cap.

With a $100 per Ripple valuation, the market cap would be even more unfathomable at $3.87 Trillion. Should Ripple be worth 20% the GDP of the United States? No. Should Ripple be worth nearly the GDP of Japan? Hell No.

While there is no hard and fast rule that a single cryptocurrency can't be worth hundreds of billions or perhaps trillions, it's important to assign valuations that are consistent with the overall impact of the thing you're valuing. And I can tell you right now, Ripple is by no means even close to reaching the economic importance of Facebook, Microsoft, or Alibaba and will never be significant enough to represent of value of major national GDPs.


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Thanks Steemit!

This makes sense. Thanks for sharing @orangesphere

Thanks for reading!

It a good perspective and I agree with you. We will see what the future do with Ripple. One way or another, Ripple is a great project.
Thank for the post!

crypto will controll furture world

The blockchain tech underlying cryptocurrencies, potentially. But how much impact a single cryptocurrency will have is still uncertain.

@orangesphere I totally agree with you sir just to cross 100$ mark it needs triple value of its current market cap with at the moment seems to be out of reach but as we know we can't predict anything !!

That's right, actually, quite a bit more than triple its current market cap!

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