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First of all, I'm not a specialist in cryptoworld as well, but like to share what I know....

There’s a finite number of cyptocoins that can be generated.

Depends on the coin and when coin is on the market, the people who run the network can decide on majority vote to change things, also to increase supply of coins, to take away a cap.

You can see all transactions of the crypto money because it is digital

Bank transactions are also digital. The better explanation is since the database is public, that is why transactions are public as well. In cryptoworld the database is called blockchain.

Real money and Banks can reverse a transaction

Sometimes this is good. When for instance you transferred money and miss spelled the recipient account number. Although Banks can indeed reverse a transaction, it doesn't mean they are allowed to. European banks for instant have strict rules what they are allowed to and what not in reversing transaction.

You can send crypto money with little to no fees and no one can stop you to do this.

Correct, but the question will be what regulations will be created around crypto money in the future. Germany already requires their crypto holders to pay taxes on their crypto money. More countries come up with regulations, and some of those regulations are not bas. For instance, why would someone who knows crypto nit to have pay taxes his neighbour, friends and family have to do? When not paying taxes is in essence steeling from you neighbours, friends and family.

Crypto money is held in digital wallets and if you want, no one can see how much you have and where you have it, it can be your secret.
Real money can be hold at your own safe at home or at a Bank and Banks will than know everything about you.

Same comment as before.

And this is the superiority of the digital currency!

The closest thing to real money is gold and silver the only thing that has been money for 5000 years not 5years. what else has stood the test of time and is in control of the little person