Cryptocurrency - ChainCoin (CHC) On The Rise!

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ChainCoin in the last couple of days has risen well over 200-300%! This coin that has been dead for years simply just risen from the cryptoAsh, very reminiscent of a phoenix.


Well, why? Why all of a sudden this rise? New development? New Vision maybe? Well we can speculate all we want but we do know that is shooting up like a rocket.

What is ChainCoin's vision

Well, I guess we can start with their vision. Their vision is simply to decentralized the banking industry, to make our funds accessible from the blockchain via mobile applications, and numerous application that the CC community will eventually build.


Currently as this post is submitted the price is at $3.33 when a couple days ago it was in the low pennies! Unflipping believable gains we are seeing here in this coin. If you think about it, ChainCoin is very similar to Dash with a low 15million total coin count, and they also offer masternodes for a 1000 CHC which is a pretty good deal even right now. So a masternode would be about 3300 dollars with the potential of growing even larger then Dash because the amount of coins is less. With the amount total coins less then Dash that means they need less of a market cap.

Please tell me your thoughts on this emerging coin and please follow @Oceancoinz if you like the content

Thanks my steemian friends.



It always bothers me when old projects suddenly pick up "steem". Sometimes it's a good thing, maybe a decent developer joins, but mostly we have people who try to make a quick buck and run with the cash. I hope it's the former.....

I think its based on a movement based on a bunch of people who are sick of the pump and dump. Wallofcoins youtuber has some vids on this subject.

Awesome, I'll go and take a look at his videos !

I wish I could invest on Chain Coin too... but my budget is very short! damn! I saw that coming from ChainCoin. I'm holding on Lisk for it's final rebrand and product launching at the end of the year. Btw did you get into it? Cheers my friend and thank you for the post.

Yes, I have about 3000 or so, I bought it when it was .67 cents. I was listening to SuppoMan and I grabbed it right away and made 3 masternodes. That's great about LSK, it's a good coin.

Bought it at one dollar, hell yea!

nice gains!!

How you feeling about this advice now?

I am all aboard the ChainCoin train! w00t w00t!

Me too! Let's HODL!!

Remember, keep HODLing!

keep holding!

I've definitely been seeing the buzz around this coin. Hopefully it will perform well for all of those who are invested in it. Good post!

Get in on the HODL of Chain Coin!


LOL, I have 3 masternodes myself :P

I'm about 50 short of 1000. Soon!

Woohoo, gj. You going to do linux or windows?

I'm gonna just do a VPS running Ubuntu.

Just heard of this, please how do i start

Hi John, They have it at Just sign up and transfer some BTC from your wallet.

Nice chain coin is up 260%!

Oh ya! Do you hear it? HODL! :) Cheers.

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