What are DAPPs and what is their importance?

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In order to better understand what DAPPs are and also what their importance is, we must try to understand some fundamental concepts, for example, the difference between APPS and DAPPs, in addition to several other factors.

We have an environment where we are looking for in technology several facilities in technology, where we use portable devices more and more and even in that applications (app) to solve some problem, be it for communication, fun or even banking, among others.

The main difference between App and DAPP is that APPs are an interface between programs with some code saved in the cloud, and DAPPs are an interface to some decentralized code saved in Blockchain. As such, DAPPs do not have a central authority to function and depend only on their network.

The biggest advantages besides working in the blockchain for dApps is that they are generally open source so that their security can be audited, they generate tokens for miners and for those who transact on the network as well.

To be clear here we do not want the focus on any specific technology, but we mention some networks that already work with DAPPs and are safe and robust to handle these tasks: Ethereum, Cardano, NEO, Qtum, Lisk, Waves, among others.

As an example to understand more about DAPPs, let's take Ethereum, which guides them into three primary categories: 1 - Financial applications, which give users more power in manipulating their resources. 2 - Semi-Financial Applications, of which one of the parties involves money, but the other does not involve, as an example, a provision of services. 3 - Applications for voting and decentralized governance (DAO), closes the premises for the creation of a DAPP.

The above example looking for Ethereum as a blockchain, was mostly justified by Startups currently using their network to build applications that fit the premises of DAPPs, also called ICO, but it should be noted here that there are many more networking options with various tools and ideas to do such work, so study your problem first and where you have the best solution.

We conclude that with DAPPs, applications that involve some form of transaction can be created to allow transparency for the blockchain to the user and a confidence in their use for everyday, protected by encryption and privacy.

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