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RE: Get Paid An Extra $1,000 Per Year To "Google" Search!!!

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago (edited)

Yes, I actually wrote that you can earn 8 when I did the calculations. 7.5 is what I earned just while doing research for ONE blog post I wrote.

Yep, it's the only thing I've seen so far which is why I was so excited about it!!!! First movers advantage is always a big deal.

I think it'll grow in popularity as people find out about it, because how could it not? I instantly loved it.

They've traded at .82 at the high point as far as I can see, and thanks for mentioning the limited supply because I did look that up last night and forgot to mention that. But I think that's super important to note. I wouldn't hate if it were a little less than a billion though like steem haha



Yes I was agreeing with you that it's small. Super under the radar. I could see it going viral though if enough steemians share it, which they should! lol


I'm ok with the 1k token thing because it's smart on their end. It gives people time to build new habits. Right now, I still find myself habitually going to google by default but in 125 or however long it takes to reach 1k tokens, in theory that habit should be reversed.

Good point about the team. Yours is good too! Thank you

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