Receive a random share of BTC from Kucoin’s follow and retweet competition

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Kucoin are giving away 3 BTC in their latest retweet giveaway. All you need to do is follow and retweet their latest promotion tweet from their Twitter account @kucoincom, and complete the competition form on their promotion post to receive a random amount of BTC. You will need a Kucoin account to receive the random BTC giveaway. You can sign up for Kucoin here.


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this is a great tip and info , thanks for sharing, kucoin is a great platform and their coin is doing well, i watched it grow from $ .07 to $17 in a space of one month, too bad i didnt get it, this is definitely a chance to get onboard kucoin

@nextgen622, Thanks for giving great competition tip. 03 BTC is best value for HODL. I already have Kucoin account. But haven't twitter.

thanks for this great competition tip...
upvoted and followed...

thank's for sharing like this contest

great to share....


cool thanks for letting us know

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thank you for sharing

Wow, Great news :) I'm going to participate in it for sure :)
Thanks for giving this great news :)