Chinese Citizens Have Used The Ethereum Blockchain to Expose Human Right Violations

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Chinese Citizens Have Used The Ethereum Blockchain to Expose Human Right Violations

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For roughly $0.48 USD, someone has sent an Ethereum transaction to theirselves containing a vaccine exposé that was removed from the Chinese internet and WeChat social media platform by Chinese authorities. Now that the transaction has occurred on the Ethereum blockchain, it is impossible for the Chinese authorities to remove or otherwise alter the document.

This move is not the first time some information has been preserved on a blockchain and it most assuredly will not be the last. Preserving information on blockchains in an effort to prevent their alteration by third parties will become more and more mainstream as journalist take to using blockchain technology.

On the flip side, this same technology can be used to preserve hateful speech and images as well. With the new EU regulations, I wonder how many problems this will pose in the near future.


What do you think? Do you believe storing controversial information indefinitely on the blockchains is a good idea, or do you foresee investors stepping away from the situation when they know the risk that could potentially come from using blockchains. Will we eventually see blockchain forks to orphan offending data? How will the government and companies respond to copyright, plagiarism, or downright violence on the internet when it cannot be simply removed?

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This is truly a double-edged sword situation... ultimately it lies in the hands of the individuals to make the choice to either do good or do evil... Will decentralization really bring solutions to the problems in existence, or will it just complicate things further... i think the answers are slowly unravelling before our very eyes.

Thanks for your post.

Everywhere are goods and bads.. and no software or AI can fight against. I think you have do choose your side and do all the best you know to "fight" the other side... Let be pragmatic, it's the life

I believe Blockchain can benefit a lot to countries like China, with heavy censorship in press and dictatorship in politics.

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This is indeed a hot topic, and for sure there has to be solution for these kind of problems. Maybe there needs to be a blockchain modifier controlled by a witness system or something similar. Who knows, only time will tell if these problems will scare investors off the new technology. Anyway with new inventions there will occur new problems that needs to be dealt with.