RBI Decision Over Bitcoin Ban and Termination of Banking services after 5th July??

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Hello Steemit friend:

I'm sure you all crypto lovers are very well aware that in India RBI-Reserve Bank of India had passed the notice 3 months ago to stop the banking services given to any entity either any individual or groups who are dealing in cryptos within 3 months. And, now the time has came where many peoples are in panic about it that what will happen to their hard cash money that they have invested in cryptos as they believe in bright future of cryptos.

So, after filing of RTI It has been confirmed that there were no committee or any research work done by RBI to take this big decision which is like tragedic situation and so petitions were signed after the notice were circulated and so Supreme court came in role and hearing is going on for taking a perfect decision about the bitcoin and other cryptos that is they should be regulated or banned in india.

But, a very positive news came into hype that the hearing of the supreme court about this matter which was decided for the date 18th july, 2018 but this date was after 13 days of terminitation of banking services. so, petition were again signed about this and the court decided the hearing will be on 3rd july, 2018.

And, so there is 90% chances that the decison will be in favour of all crypto lovers as this technology is future of upcoming generation which can bring revolution in whole world.

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