Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in purloined Mining Rigs

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Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in purloined Mining Rigs

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What's going on guys? Nayabali here bringing you a brand new blog today. We got another killer blog for you guys. Full of information. Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in purloined Mining Rigs

After many unsuccessful makes an attempt Thieves Rob Icelandic Bitcoin Mines — rating a Bunch of Mining Rigs

Back in April national capital police inactive a person named Sindri Norse deity Stefansson for his reference to stealing countless greenbacks price of bitcoin mining instrumentality in Iceland. currently per a translated report of court documents stemming from Iceland prosecutors, Stefansson and 6 alternative people square measure being charged with 10 criminal counts. The seven individuals are charged with possession of weapons, cocaine, and stealing of over $2 million USD price of mining computers and instrumentality. Court documents given to fashionable accord make a case for that Iceland officers square measure accusative the gang of $871,819 in purloined gear and therefore the indictment are followed by an effort that may go before a bunch of judges. what is more, law corporations representing 3 separate mining facilities square measure suing the cluster for $1.7 million in a very totally different case.

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Stefansson and his gang were allegedly unrelentingly making an attempt to rob outstanding bitcoin mines since the group’s initial heist on Dec five, 2017, once they scarf a hundred mining rigs from Algrim Consulting. The burglars then tried to steal from Borealis knowledge Center (BDC) mines, however unsuccessful that night as a result of they go off associate alarm. per police in Iceland, the crew attacked BDC Mines in Ásbrú once more some days later however were unsuccessful. Following the BDC makes an attempt, Stefansson, Viktori tree, Peter Stanislav, and Matthíasi Jóni robbed the VK knowledge center in Borgarnes and created off with twenty eight Bitmain Antminers. once the productive score at the Borgarnes mine, the crew makes an attempt to rob BDC once more the day once Christmas, and one in every of the suspects managed to create it within the power. However, another time the BDC alarms scare the gang of thieves away.

Advania Mines: the largest Heist

According to the documents obtained by fashionable accord editorialist Brendan Sullivan, Iceland prosecutors say on Jan sixteen, 2018, the four men employed 3 additional people so as to rob the Advania mines. The crew was ready to steal 225 totally purposeful Bitmain mining rigs with the assistance from associate ‘inside man’ and allegedly wore security uniforms. This explicit heist was the crew’s biggest and therefore the theft reportedly took hours.

Reports state the ‘inside man’ gave the thieves a security access code and a layout of Advania’s architectural plan. Iceland police inactive 2 members of the gang on Gregorian calendar month one, 2018, with associate extralegal weapon system and quite a 0.5 ounce of hard drug. From that time, one in every of the suspects supposedly turned on Stefansson and his gang, that the police were ready to catch every member of the cluster following the primary 2 arrests.

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An “Icelandic legal expert” conversant in the case explained that the prosecutors square measure operating along with the personal law corporations employed by the miners. Stefansson and crew square measure being prosecuted for the productive robberies at Algrim Consulting, and Advania mines however additionally face felony and conspiracy charges for the BDC makes an attempt. Stefansson additionally faces charges for escaping from a “low-security” punitive facility in Iceland once being inactive once more in national capital. What’s fascinating concerning this story is that the time-frame of all the heists was throughout the time once cryptocurrencies peaked at uncomparable worth highs. this implies the miners not solely lost instrumentality, however vital mining revenue likewise. The ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ more confirms that bitcoin miners ought to keep knowledge facilities secure and maintain a good ship. as a result of a theft of many hundred machines can value a bitcoin mining operation a large amount of cash.

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