Starting A Cryptocurrency? Probably Need This! - DMC VS Coinmarketcap

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Starting A Cryptocurrency? Probably Need This! - DMC VS Coinmarketcap

So you want to start a cryptocurrency or already have. How's it going for you? Is your volume good? Do people even know your token is in existence. The story is it's easy to start a cryptocurrency. Sure it is, unfortunately not as easy to start a successful one. So you're going to need help.

A smart move would be to list on CoinmarketCap. There's only one problem. Getting listed on CoinmarketCap is probably as hard as being listed on top rated exchanges. "Whispers" that's why you only see only like 2000 listed coins and not like millions.. haha. The problem though is who gets to decide who can create a token or list it with it's peers. So on what authority do they have that right? Independent service.. well there is the Decentralized Token Market Listing (DMC). If you're a token and hold the service token you can trade it and be listed that simple and easy. These rights we believe belong to all in the cryptocurrency space.

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