OP Coin (Cryptopias micro cap gem) Why im seeing 6-15x profit potential short term

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Hello fellow crypto traders! 

This article today is about a coin currently trading under the ticker OPC on:

I am going to be really diving into this, and discussing why i believe a small mistake by the development team a few months back, has created an opportunity for us to make some serious gains in the short-mid term as of yesterday 26 April 2018.

As the title suggests I'm expecting 6x profits out of this in the worst case scenario. Read the entire article to find out why i came up with this number and why i thinks its one of the best opportunites for exponential growth right now. So without further ado

Lets dive straight into the coin specs


If you whip up OPC on Coinmarketcap here is what your going to see. Looking like a micro cap gem! The data is however, incorrect! as is usual now days with coinmarketcap... go figure :) 

If you check out the block explorer for OPC coin you're going to notice the real circulating supply is just over 1 billion


Now, if you multiply that by the current price the true stats of this coin, it looks like this :


So we have a $1.4 million market-cap coin. This is dumpster diving territory, complete trash-coin marketcap, High risk, high reward. Coins like this can go 10x a week as you may know recently with coins like HXX GPU or even BANCA (from 3 mil mcap to 30 mil mcap in ~ 2 weeks).

Ok so why am i putting money into this besides its dismally low marketcap and high-reward potential? Well. That's where this coin gets interesting.

Lets look at the chart, which is from a Technical Analysis viewpoint what brought me here initially


Now this is what I'm talking about! Talk about buying the dip. OPC traded above 500 satoshi's for a while peaking at 750 satoshi's, then came crashing down to its current price, 15 satoshi's. Notice the lower the price has fallen, the higher the volume has become. This means there is more and more interest in this coin now at these price levels.

This is a HUGE loss to people who bought the peak. Their money is basically gone, evaporated. Your talking a 98% loss. So this begs the question. How did this happen? What caused a dump of this magnitude? January untill April has seen most coins losing about 60% of their value from ATH in this bear market, but 98% is some next level oversold dumpage!

Here's what happened. And here's why this is a huge opportunity.

In March 2018, the dev team decided to increase staking rewards to 1500% APR. This means, if you held OPC in your wallet and left it to stake for 1 year, you'd have 15x as many coins. I have seen these models tried many times and as you probably all know, inflation that high will kill price every time, guaranteed. 

This is exactly what you have seen where the price has taken little over 1 month to come crashing down from 750 satoshis to 15 satoshi's. In just under 1 month investors had doubled their coins through staking, and dumped their initial investment and let the "profit" run... Problem is the crash happened so fast I doubt anyone who bought in recent times has managed to stake enough they are breaking even with the tumbling price. 

This was clearly a bad decision by the developers. No doubt. And I truly feel sorry for the initial investors. However, this has created an opportunity for us, new investors, to make huge gains in a short period of time.

The development team from OPC has a discord channel on which they have moderators who are actively replying to any questions, their twitter is active, their communications are biweekly and come in the format of a pdf usually 3 pages long with extensive discussion on their recent activities. There is definitely no communication problems with this project. The team is active, hard working, and they are going to be fixing the 1500% mistake in the following weeks. 

It is important to note that this project was going strong and had firm belief and trust from the community before this small economic blunder by the developers. OPC is a project that is highly ambitious in its goals, ranging from a gaming store to gift cards, lotteries and soon to be implemented masternodes and privacy features. And masternodes are the way that they will be fixing the high inflation stake rewards. 

The reason i am writing this article is I have been watching this coin for a while now and today they released their plan to move the project forward, fix the inflation, and get the price on the rebound. Holders through these trying months, will begin to see a recovery in their 98% loss. For us new investors joining the ship at this opportune time, i believe we will be entering at the start of a huge recovery. Today the team has released their plan. I will post the link here but if you check their official twitter, you can link it off there as well (its the pinned post from today):


As you can tell by reading the article released today, they will be doing a voluntary coin swap into a better codebase with masternodes and a more sustainable coin supply model. Remember earlier how i mentioned the coinmarketcap metrics for circulating supply and therefore marketcap were wrong? Well theres one part that was correct at least 


And that is 2 billion Max supply. OPC will stake at 1500% untill it reaches its 2 billion max supply. Now it is currently just over 1 billion supply. This means there is still a few weeks if not months (dependent on how many people are staking) to stake OPC, double your number of coins monthly, and swap them to the new OPCX come next month. Take a moment to recheck the charts and notice the increase in daily volume at this price level. I am expecting the price to reach 100 satoshis in the next few days/weeks now that the team has a solution to the hiccup that set this project off track for just over a month. However WORST case scenario here is what im seeing. 

  • A price increase from 15 satoshis to ~50 satoshis
  • TA traders are already noticing this coin purely based of charting, increased volume and huge upside potential
  • Bull markets and alt coin season is starting. You all know what happens to low satoshi coins in these times (TRX STORM NCASH POE XVG IOST) the new low satoshi coins have already started kicking off. Last December the ones trading went 20x. Sorry to say it guys, it was based on price mainly. LINDA MINT PAC DigitalNote Bitbean DOGE RDD to name a few more on cryptopia. Low satoshi cryptos fly in alt seasons, and OPC is now one of the cheapest coins in existence

If you buy 1000 OPC tokens now and stake them, in less than a month you will have 2000 OPC tokens. If the price goes to 50 satoshis as charts are indicating, thats 333% profit. but you've doubled your tokens via staking from 1000 to 2000, so your real profit is 666% profit. This is in my humble opinion, WORST case scenario. I have the article titled as 6x worst case scenario, because if i told you how exponentially i really think this will grow you'd probably think i've been smoking petrol. Low cap gems move fast, it is not hard to see this reaching 10-30 mil marketcap in the near term. Especially with all the hype there is around masternodes and privacy tech. Add in the fact the team is weaving in real use case such as the gift cards and game store, lottery and casino to back the coin i think this has the upper hand over many privacy-only centerd coins with no real use case aside from HODLing. 

So i will not just be buying this amazing dip, but sending my OPC to stakeunited so that i can effortlessly have my coins double in less than 1 month, ready for the coin swap, masternode & game store release and hype. I would highly suggest you to do the same. 

Let me say this simply. You can hold your coins on Cryptopia and enjoy this ride to exponential gains.. Or you can put them in stakeunited and in less than 1 month have doubled your OPC tokens and have doubled the already insane profits (~6 - 15x). Or you could take the trader approach, try to sell the tops and buy the dips and potentially get left behind  (Remember how low this marketcap is and how fast they move, if you need reminding, please check the HXX or GPU charts. They went 10x in 1 week) If you think you can trade that. Good luck! Me.. I will safely double my coins on stakeunited via automated staking. Its fast easy and safe. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the article if you have reached the end, see you next time friends!

As always please do your own research and if theres anything you'd like to add, drop it in the comments :)

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Brilliant analysis! Thank you! Saw quite a few people buying in on OPC today on Twitter and decided to check it out. Then found your post. This is extremely well broken down and with the added initiative of staking until the swap.

I wonder if Stakes United or Staking Labs (my preference) will be handling the swap on their end, or if we will need to withdraw and swap on our own.

Going to see if I can send some more readers your way! This is good stuff!

Wow! Quite an in-depth analysis. I'm sold! Headed to Cryptopia to get me bag..See you on the moon in a few weeks.

How reliable is stakeunited? Dont want to lose all coins trying to double