EOS Airdrop: eospace.io (EOP)

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There are lots of EOS related airdrops planned. Most seems to be distributing the free tokens on the MainNet when it successfully launches. I received eosDAC ERC20 (Ethereum) tokens which will be swapped to tokens on the EOS mainnet when it launches. They distributed the ERC20 tokens. EOS holders didn't have to do anything to received the eosDAC tokens.

eospace.io (EOP) is different. You'll have to claim your EOP tokens by sending 0 ETH to the contract address to get the token. Here is the token address:


eospace.io is a block producer candidate based in China. They are trying to create EOS DAPPs(wallet, explorer, exchanges). They don't have a whitepaper. Use of the EOP token isn't clearly described. You'll get same amount of EOP tokens as your EOS tokens. 90% of EOP is held by one account (https://etherscan.io/token/0xb562ec0261a9cb550a5fbcb46030088f1d6a53cf#balances). So, I guess they are only distributing 10% by airdrop. I'm not sure EOP token will be of any value. But if you don't want to miss an airdrop, you could send 0 ETH to the contract address. I spent $0.58 (11 Gwei) and successfully received some tokens.


Reminder: Don't store you $EOS on exchanges. Put them in an EOS wallet you control. Less than 36 hours from now to mainnet launch.

Get Airdrops, forks and such.

I believe EOS ERC20 tokens are frozen. You'll not be able to transfer ERC token between Ethereum wallets. You could trade inside an exchange.

So serious with a shitcoin :D

Why is EOP distributing erc20 after mainnet still. Got my airdrop today using my ETH address from before mainnet. weird.

Such a waste :P