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Hello Steemians,

Tonight there is something special I would like to share with you that I have recently discovered
I found that you can identify a breakout before it actually happens.

Up until now, it has always proven to be a success but I still need to gather more data in the long run.

Before diving into this, let takes few seconds to understand the current world of crypto and the psychology. We are at a turning point, and to me the crypto world is as revolutionary as the internet was back in the days. I'm really exciting about that and at some point be part of it.
However, what most people are attracted by is : Money and so profit. They don't really care about crypto itself and what it means. Usually, they won't study the crypto and just jump blindly because of greed and because this HYPE. People are lazy and easy to convince, and with all the youtubers they just have to follow their advises.

This can be at our advantage in this specific case. Let's use the HYPE as an ally.

How to identify HYPE ? You study all the interactions between people and you collect data.
It could be all the tweets, retweets, the post on Steems on Facebook and so on. Yes, you got the idea.

What is the most adopted browser all over the globe? The answer is Google. Google offers a diversity of tools that we can exploit. So Let's have a look on one of them: Google trends..

Let's illustrate with example with OKcash:

In this example we see that suddenly, everyone has been searching for the term OKCash on Sept. 3 and few hours later, the value has reached the moon.
The increase has been 450% in the span of less than 8 days...This is crazy!

If you observe carefully, the raise has begun few hours before on Google Trends thaN in the Chart. If you can identify a sudden increase, then you might be able to make a good profit.

I'm not saying that it will be always the case, but you can see that with Google Trend you can potentially identify a bull momentum on a specific Crypto.

My advise would be to use a crypto in which you believe, so even if this is not working you would be able to be on the long run.

Let me know your thoughts and if you liked my article, please upvote and resteem.
Have a great evening,



That's awesome. A powerful tool right under our nose.

This is indeed what I believe! Thanks for the comment..Hope this will helps you ;)

Informative blog, thanks for sharing. Keep going!

Thank you buddy!