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There’s a number of different ways to earn extra cryptocurrency. One is via “bounty” programs, where one can contribute in different ways with something that benefits a specific cryptocurrency. This post is an attempt to sum up the bounty program that JSEcoin has right now.

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JSEcoin – start with the foundation of SEO

A lot can be done to improve a website’s position in search results. But in my view the foundation is the website’s titles and its description. If one has chosen them carefully, then one has a clear focus for both and can now build upon this foundation, keeping the same focus in mind.

When I look at jsecoin.com I realise that this foundation is unnecessarily weak.

Title and description

A big cornerstone of SEO it to have well-thought out titles and description. They have a large weight in Google’s search index. When I look at this website it makes me think.

This is what jsecoin.com has on its starting page today:

Title: JSEcoin – Digital Currency – Designed for the web

Description: Discover JSECoin, the easiest way to mine receive payments for your goods or services and transfer cryptocurrency to friends and family online. Explore the Cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone.

Personally, I would have chosen to focus more clearly on those search keywords that obviously exist in this space. There are probably search words like “digital currency designed for the web”, but I believe that there’s much more within “web mining” and “browser mining” or similar.

One bright example can be found here:


This article is about mining in a web browser, BUT it’s SEO-title is “JSEcoin Technical Overview”. It’s neither good for Google, not it is “selling” very well.

Another example is https://platform.jsecoin.com/

This is their platform where “platform mining” is happening. But its SEO-title is “JSEcoin”. Nothing more.

SEO-title is important from the outside perspective

  • it helps your website be more visible among Google search results with certain words and phrases.

Google puts a heavier weight on information in the title and therefore one should work carefully with one’s search keywords.

  • it makes more people click on your search result IF your title is “click-friendly” and attract the visitor’s attention.

If you were buying shoes and you are searching on Google for “shoes”. Which one would you click, if you saw these two search results?


“Shoes from many brands – Fast and free delivery – Shoes-Shop2”

Your SEO-title is what is shown in Google search results – and thus is a decisive factor in whether the person seeing these search results will click on your link or not.

Another example:


It currently has this title: JSEcoin Webmaster Overview

If I’m a webmaster (which I am for about 40 different web domains) and want to mine cryptocurrencies on my websites, I won’t be searching for “Webmaster Overview”. To have search keywords in the titles is basics. It should also be done in a way that increases probability of clicking on your link, when one sees it in the search results.

Compare it with “Crypto Webminer – Web mining – Mining in Browser Cryptonight” that belongs to one of their competitors. Here they really pressed the search keywords, which can be discussed. But there’s obviously a thought process behind it, on how to make it more visible on Google.

Articles / Information

There are many people today who barely know what cryptocurrencies are – and even fewer who know how to acquire your first crypto. JSEcoin could be a simple channel to own cryptocurrencies. It has a very simple user interface and anyone can start mining in less than 2 minutes. And this is even without having to have a website. But more information is necessary.

Personally, I really like articles/blog posts where different terms are explained clearly. They could have an article with the title “What is web mining?”. I miss an article where one demonstrates advantages of this specific cryptocurrency over other services/currencies that can be mined in a web browser.

It’s likely that they are many questions about cryptocurrencies. There should be many questions about web mining. These questions have to be answered. It would create many “long tails” that would bring more visitors to the website.

Bounty program that gives a skewed impression

In a proposal for the upcoming bounty program there’s an item that says that bloggers can get JSEcoin if they write about this cryptocurrency. A requirement here is that one has at least one link to the website (it can also be a referral link). Since the bloggers earn by publishing their referral links, it’s likely that they will choose this option.

To get links is of crucial importance for a website to get a better ranking, so this idea is a very good one. The problem is, however, that referral links are going to be directing to https://platform.jsecoin.com/ and not to https://jsecoin.com/ . Often it’s great to get links to the website, no matter which subdomain or page. BUT one probably wants https://jsecoin.com/ to have a high ranking – so the majority of links should point there.

It’s relatively easy to change by stating that a bounty would be paid only if “a link directs to https://jsecoin.com/”. Besides, referral links can also be used.

I hope that you will succeed with your ICO! It would be awesome to see how this project goes forward.

Disclaimer: this post shouldn’t be perceived as a deep SEO-analysis. The points that I take up in my post is something that I think of right away, when I visit the website. I hope it can be helpful. I don’t run a SEO-firm, I only work with SEO for my own affiliate websites.

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