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CryptoCurrency recap

CryptoCurrency market cap rankings, posts, and more.
The following statistics are rendered from the 25 largest cryptocoins.

Market Share

The chart shows the market share of the 25 largest coins. Coins with a market share less than 5% have been grouped into "Other"

Winners and losers

Top 5 winners

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h) Coin0.7920603656191019 14.04892275
Terra44.26300093016704 10.7238632
Elrond427.99123913401183 6.25063006
Binance Coin612.7806140210539 4.38261568
Chainlink24.71563968707583 3.9960368

Top 5 losers

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Avalanche109.07388778892924 -0.66290181
Decentraland4.733298381696854 -0.34666776
USD Coin0.9984755392229556 -0.17409131
Tether1.0002112371469702 -0.03736749
Binance USD1.0008860301377454 0.08800848

Other great coins

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Cardano1.5778567335921847 1.83699831
Hive2.2873727422095183 -11.13167055
Bitcoin55166.715712535326 1.60682537
Ethereum4155.7806787864565 2.24672526
Polkadot35.813248015918425 0.78206698
Dogecoin0.20778974089363725 1.6204728
TRON0.09499978272756397 2.66899396

Coin news


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