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CryptoCurrency recap

CryptoCurrency market cap rankings, posts, and more.
The following statistics are rendered from the 25 largest cryptocoins.

Market Share

The chart shows the market share of the 25 largest coins. Coins with a market share less than 5% have been grouped into "Other"

Winners and losers

Top 5 winners

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
SHIBA INU0.00002700110723 93.84276322
Stellar0.7083561243141 12.75728086
Litecoin384.7366267046943 7.13764119
Bitcoin Cash1423.878952973093 6.97972779
Ethereum4150.778483916915 6.33787503

Top 5 losers

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Dogecoin0.48181927209071 -9.63169607
THETA11.3331438035552 -5.27345017
VeChain0.21575349918907 -4.95391583
Cardano1.72241058425309 -4.88988297
Chainlink48.84862494140762 -3.13712809

Other great coins

Name                                Price (USD)% change(24h)
Steem1.09034669185505 -6.57557994
Bitcoin57176.342359379305 -0.45772135

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