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Nexo’s Managing Partner Antoni Trenchev on Bloomberg

The market is heating up. Nexo's Antoni Trenchev was on Bloomberg to explain the status of the Cryptocurrency markets today.

Trenchev's key points:

  • Tether cannot bring down crypto, as the space has matured enough and serious blockchain companies are providing versatile and useful product.
    Institutions like Fidelity, the Yale Endowment Fund, JP Morgan and more are showing a clear interest in blockchain, indicating recognition for the benefits of this pivotal technology that will improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
  • In the extremely low-rate environment created by the Fed and the ECB, Nexo’s proposition of 6.5% annual returns is incredibly attractive to both the retail and financial institutions.
    Governments should provide clear and business-friendly rules so that entrepreneurs can innovative, companies can build and humanity can prosper.
  • The tokenization of the world and crypto mortgages are important trends that will see crypto-wealth intertwine with real-life assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, fine art and real-estate. The world’s first crypto-mortgage with Brock Pierce is just lifting the curtain of that is coming next.
  • Nexo is about to cross the $500 million mark in terms of funds processed on the platform which shows the enormous interest in the services of the world’s most advanced crypto lender.

For the full recap including video and transcripts, check Nexo's Blog Post

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